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3T to bring its carbon frame building in-house

Will Strickson
17 Jun 2021

Having produced its Torno crank in its factory in Italy since 2018, 3T is going the distance and producing 100% Made in Italy frames

Italian bike manufacturer 3T is to bring its carbon frame building in-house with its first 100% Made in Italy Racemax frames to go into production this month.

It's a move that 3T says has been in planning ever since it decided to start making frames in 2015 with the Torno aero crank, produced in Italy since 2018, helping the brand make the transition.


In order to successfully move its production from Asia to Italy, a couple of changes had to be made to its process: filament winding instead of manual layup and using dry fibre and resin injection rather than pre-impregnated carbon.

Filament winding involves spinning a yarn onto a core in order to create a carbon shape with the changing speed of the winder allowing for changes to the angle of the yarn.

3T has designed and built its own filament winding machines to ensure there are no limits on fibre angles so that it can create almost any layup.


Using dry fibre allows 3T to make more complex parts and removes the need to heat up and cool down the mould – a process that is both time and energy intensive and costly.

What's more, as dry fibre yarn is the base material to make the style of carbon fibre needed, it means materials in the factory haven't been processed and can be used exactly as needed.

The new process also means that there is less finishing work required after the frame is removed from the mould, as is seen on the Torno crank, which requires no finishing at all.

3T began developing its first built in-house production frame, the Racemax Italia, in 2019 and production begins this month.

To mark the occasion, 3T is producing 100 special edition Racemax Founders Edition frames – including fork and seatpost – that include an engraved metal plaque, custom see-through paint options with two finish options underneath, and the customer's name under the clearcoat.

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