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Win a Hiplok Security Bundle

Your chance to win a new lock

21 Jan 2018

At this time of year when Jack Frost is pestering your nose, the coffee stop is more important to your ride than ever. Vexingly, though, that means leaving your bike at the mercy of vagabonds while you gulp down a quick espresso.

Unless of course it’s protected by an unbeatable bike lock, that is.

When it comes to those, there’s no more trusted name than Hiplok, which has been coming up with innovative and high-quality bike-security solutions that riders can trust in since it produced the world’s first wearable bike lock back in 2011.

The Hiplok Original provided cyclists with an easy and safe way to carry a lock around their waist that could, when deployed, provide a bike with the kind of security that’d baffle just about any thief.

Continuing in that great tradition, its 2018 line-up is better than ever with a range of wearable chain locks as well as super-strong – yet light – D-locks, new café locks and even super-secure home bike storage.

So to celebrate, we’ve teamed up with Hiplok to offer one lucky reader the chance to win an awesome security bundle that includes the Hiplok Gold Superbright maximum security, ultrareflective, wearable chain lock, and the DC super-strong, yet compact D-lock and cable duo.

This is the ultimate combo for keeping your bike safe from purloining toerags, and for added security on a car rack or to keep accessories safe, Hiplok is even throwing in a pair of its revolutionary new Z Lok security ties, too.

The entire bundle is worth an impressive 150 quid. See for more on Hiplok products, and for your chance to win this ace prize, enter your details below and answer this easy question.

Good luck!

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