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Orbea launches new Ordu time-trial bike with highly adjustable front end

Basque bike brand Orbea has released a new time-trial and triathlon bike which is most notable for the high adjustability of its cockpit.

Further, with the simple removal of the storage box under the down tube, the bike satisfies UCI regulations and so can be used in professional road time-trials.

However, it's at the triathlon and Iron Man markets that the new Orbea Ordu has been aimed.


Four areas of focus

Orbea was looking for a bike with the 'perfect balance' of four key targets: aerodynamics, weight, handling and ergonomics.

'The key to building the best triathlon bike is finding the balance of these targets and identifying additional performance factors that allow the rider to increase efficiency,' Orbea suggests.

'Historically, considering only the three design factors of aerodynamics, stiffness and weight rarely yields dramatic improvement. Big gains in one of the three areas always compromise one or both of the others,' the brand claims.

As such, it is from this starting point that the new Orbea Ordu was designed, built and tested.

Orbea started with the headline feature of any TT bike, aerodynamics. The brand says it spent more than 2,500 hours doing calculations to analyse the frame, fork and cockpit assmebly to identify areas where refinements could be made to reduce drag and aerodynamic resistance.

Next on the hit list was the bike's overall weight. 'We analysed the areas where large amounts of material were being used for rigidity,' Orbea explains.

'By redesigning the shapes, adjusting the laminating process and using the best carbon fibre available, we shaved the weight considerably.'

Aerodynamic improvements and weight reductions are on every riders' wish list, but both become irrelevant if the bike rides like a bag of spanners in a tumble dryer.

On this, Orbea approached handling as 'one of the most important points to consider when determining geometry' in order to ensure the bike is easy to ride.

'Going fast isn’t just a byproduct of good aerodynamics, it requires comfortable control over the bike,' Orbea says.

The bike's ergonomics, and specifically the highly adjustible front end, are the fourth area of focus and the lead feature of this new bike.


Front end adaptations

The new Orbea Ordu claims the widest range of handlebar and cockpit adjustments across every size of the bike.

Using just one point of adjustment, the new system means the bike should be adaptable to every rider and suit a wide range of race regulations.

'It doesn’t matter if you’re very flexible or not, Ordu will meet your needs,' so says Orbea.

Three build options: Specs and prices

The Orbea Orcu will be made available in three complete bike builds.


Orbea Ordu M10iLTD

Price: $8,999; €8,999; £7,999  
Spec: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2


Orbea Ordu M20iLTD

Price: $6,999; €6,999; £6,199  
Spec: Shimano Ultegra Di2


Orbea Ordu M20LTD

Price: $4,999; €4,699; £4,199  
Spec: Shimano Ultegra R8000

£4,199 - £7,999

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