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Assos Spring Fall legwarmers review

29 Sep 2021

Warm, water-repellent and engineered for comfort

Cyclist Rating: 
Ample warmth for transitional seasons • Will withstand light rain • Comfortable compression fit • Decent price
Lack of grippers might hamper fit at thighs for some

The Assos Spring Fall legwarmers are a capable and comfortable addition to your cycling wardrobe for the price, if you're looking for a fit-for-purpose option for those in-between riding conditions in spring and autumn.

There’s a very good reason you won’t see too many professional bike racers riding in bare legs before May. They understand the importance of keeping muscles warm, and – in the case of any WorldTour riders based in northern Europe – that’s a necessity, especially in the temperate conditions of the UK, Netherlands, northern France and Belgium.

But for us mere mortals who don’t want a cold start to an autumn ride (or don’t want a long day in the saddle to end when the temperature drops), the addition of a decent set of legwarmers to our transitional cycling wardrobe is a must. The Assos Spring Fall legwarmers offer a cosy fit, good compression, decent warmth, and – crucially – will effectively transform your bibshorts into bibtights for the princely sum of £50.


Fabric softener

Assos has a range of legwarmers, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. 'The Spring Fall legwarmers are warmer and more water-repellent than our Leg Foils, but they don’t have the higher insulation and premium finishing details of the RS version,' states the company’s website.

It soon becomes obvious how the Assos Spring Fall legwarmers got their name. Constructed from RX Light material, which is lightly brushed, breathable and insulating, there’s also a good amount of water repellence built in, as a brace of late summer rides where ‘windy’ turned to ‘stormy’ proved.


Assos Spring Fall legwarmers: How do they feel?

For what looks like a simple tube of material to cover each leg from quad to ankle, there’s a lot that a company can get wrong. I’ve worn legwarmers that have barely stayed in place, that have had seams so protrusive that they left painful indents on my legs, some that have wrinkled so badly at the knees that it looked like I had borrowed my dad’s leg warmers, and some that have simply failed to keep the wind at bay.

Buy the Assos Spring Fall legwarmers now

The Assos Spring Fall legwarmers are very decent indeed. Some people might prefer a silicone gripper at the quads to keep the warmers securely anchored, but I’ve welcomed the simple, stitched nature of the Assos items. They’re cut in a different shape for each leg (there’s even a handy tab on the right leg, telling you which leg it’s for), so there’s less material at the inner thigh, to eliminate chafing.


And by using a single seam along the inside of the leg, the compression fit creates what Assos calls a 'body-mapping pattern', which (importantly for me) doesn’t leave wrinkles at the knees! Those knees, while not protected by full-on foul weather-proof layers of material, have stayed cosy enough on early morning rides. And, for when the heat rises, they’ve rolled up easily enough to stash in my jersey pockets or handlebar bag.

Assos Spring Fall legwarmers: When are they for?

The key to the Assos Spring Fall leg warmers is their suitability for riding in those hard-to-dress-for months, rides when you won’t necessarily need legwarmers for the entire trip. If you’re going to buy just one pair (and I honestly can’t imagine a world where anyone would buy three sets of leg warmers for different weather), these are the ones to go for.

Buy the Assos Spring Fall legwarmers now

Arguably, anything colder than October requires bibtights, which – if you get the right pair – will be cut higher and insulated better to keep not only your legs but also your core warm. As long as you don’t expect the Assos Spring Fall legwarmers to keep you dry in a deluge, their comfort, warmth and ease of use commend them highly for spring and autumn use.


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