Pete Muir

Pete Muir is a journalist of over 30 years’ experience, and he remembers the days when cut and paste actually required scissors and glue. He cut his teeth in trade press, got lairy in the heyday of the men’s mag boom, and cleaned up again as editor of Men’s Fitness.

His main contribution to the world of cycling is Cyclist magazine, launched in 2012 and initially described by his own company chairman as ‘self-indulgent w**k’. Fortunately, the nation’s cyclists thought differently and it grew to become the biggest road cycling magazine in the world.

Over the years of editing Cyclist, Pete has developed from cycling enthusiast to fully-fledged bike nerd, which reached its apogee when he built his own road bike – a ‘modern classic’ steel beauty that he loves possibly more than his own children (it’s OK, they’ll never read this).

Height: 188cm 

Weight: 80kg

Saddle height: 85cm


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