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Bont Motion cycling shoes review

18 Jun 2021

Entry-level road cycling shoes that feel anything but

Cyclist Rating: 
Stiff • Breathable • Well made • Precision fit • Look more expensive than they are
Velcro closure a bit of a fiddle • Not what you’d call ‘lightweight’

Cycling (and specifically dressing for it) is, if we’re honest with ourselves, so often rife with the brand-driven act of keeping up appearances. The Bont Motion cycling shoes I’ve been wearing for the past month have passed muster on rides with the most discerning friends, and it was only after a few weeks that one of them asked which model of Bont shoe they were.

‘Oh, the entry-level Motion – £80 a pair’.

After almost spitting out their mouthful of sun-runnied energy gel, their next act was to protrude their bottom lip (think ‘Marlon Brando in The Godfather’) and sagely nod in approval.

So yes, a particularly affordable pair of shoes can look the business, but the Bont Motion also works the pedals with no discernible hindrance to comfort or power production.


Fitting tribute

Unlike most other shoe brands, Bont has an exhaustive online guide to finding the correct fit in each of its models. Although the Bont Motion cycling shoes are available in only one width fitment, the lengths that its website demands you go to in order to measure your feet for size-suitability is extraordinarily detailed.

It even resulted in my sizing up from my normal 42 to a 43. And the result is a shoe that feels roomier (in a good way) to previous Bont shoes I’ve worn, which could at times crush my unnaturally long toes.

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The one concession you’re forced to make is the acceptance that, on a shoe of this price, you’ll have to tighten them with Velcro straps. It’s all a bit 1995, but it works; it just might take a few attempts to find the right setting for optimum tightness (and get them straight).


Constructors championship

The Bont Motion cycling shoes are exceptionally well put together, which only enforces the impression that they’re punching well above their weight. Speaking of which, however, the 294g each of them weighs will be a noticeable encumbrance if you’re used to posher shoes.

On the plus side, the vented upper allows heat to disperse, while mesh at the toe bumper and at the top of the forefoot also keeps toes cool.

Where these shoes really triumph, however, is in their fibreglass sole. It’s possibly even stiffer than that of the frankly astonishing DMT KR4 shoes I recently tested. Combine this ability to make big power from a flex-free sole with a 4.8mm stack height designed to permit this activity with maximum stability and minimal risk of injury, and you’ll find you’re wearing an £80 pair of shoes that can rival a pair that costs at least twice the money.

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Dress to impress

And the point of all of this is that the Bont Motion cycling shoes won’t set you back. They’re as responsive as a carbon shoe (if heavier), made with the same attention to detail as a high-end model, won’t boil your feet in the height of summer, and – if you follow the instructions before ordering yours – will fit like a glove.

Or a pair of gloves. A pair of gloves you wear on your feet. So, shoes, then…


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