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Foo Fighters, Radiohead and more collaborate on one-off Brompton bikes

13 world famous music acts design one-off Bromptons to support live music crew affected by the pandemic

Joe Robinson
28 Apr 2021

What do Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr., LCD Soundsystem, Phoebe Bridgers, Foo Fighters and Enrique Inglesias all have in common?

No it’s not that they all feature on the Cyclist work playlist, that’s exclusively Phil Collins and Style Council. It is that they are among 13 of the world’s top music artists to collaborate with folding bike brand Brompton to release one-off custom designed bikes which are set to be auctioned in aid of live music technicians, sound engineers and road crew who have been left without work due to the Covid-19 crisis.

As part of the Crew Nation relief fund established by Live Nation, at least one member of each of the 13 music acts has got their creative juices flowing, turning their hands to being bike designers to create a total of 14 unique Bromptons inspired by their music.

The first four musically inspired Bromptons to be revealed come courtesy of London pop-duo Oh Wonder, angsty post-punk band Rise Against, wavy grunge band Dinosaur Jr. and every middle aged suburban dad’s favourite music group, Radiohead.

Radiohead’s unique Brompton has been designed by a Mr Stanley Donwood, often referred to as the ‘sixth radiohead’. Donwood has been responsible for the band’s iconic album artworks since 1995, when he created the album sleeve for the band’s seminal work ‘The Bends’. Remember, the spooky CPR mannequin one?

For their design, which uses a Brompton Black Edition M6L as its canvas, Donwood has included the graphic from the 2007 Rahiohead album ‘In Rainbows’ across the frameset while also incorporating the band’s bear logo on the front of the bike.

On the collaboration, Donwood said: ‘Touring the world the last 20 years, life is usually seen from the tour bus and the stage. Whenever we’ve really wanted to feel the pulse of a city, we’ve turned to riding bikes through the alleys and streets of the cities around the world that our fans call home.

‘Collaborating with a company like Brompton is a no-brainer for a band like us that is always moving and appreciates travelling light.’

Our favourite of the first four bikes to be released is the Dinosaur Jr. Brompton, conceptualised by the band’s lead singer J Mascis and taking inspiration from his favourite colour, purple. The frame has been overlaid with holographic flowers and even comes with additional flower stickers for the eventual owner to use for further customisation.

Still to reveal their designs are Foo Fighters, Phoebe Bridgers, LCD Soundsystem, Khruangbin, Nathan East, Underworld, Sub Pop, Neko Case and Cyclist’s personal favourite Enrique Iglesias. I mean how good is ‘Hero’?

All 14 of the bikes will be up for live bidding on 28th May through to 21st June on the Greenhouse Auctions website, which you can visit here.