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Post ride grooming guide

Rapha Travel set
Joseph Delves
7 Jun 2016

Cycling can be a dirty business, so freshen up after your next race with these sports-specific skincare products.

At the end of most sportives you're faced with a bowl of pasta and a long drive home, without the pleasure of a shower. So rather than ride home in discomfort, and upset everyone in the service station, consider one of these dry shower products to get you home. They're also perfect for stashing at work so you can freshen up after 8am tear up, but before your 10am sit down.

Rapha Travel Set - 8/10

For the discerning gentleman, Rapha’s range of skincare products are fragranced with plants and herbs collected from the slopes of Mont Ventoux. While that’s unlikely to make you go any quicker, it will at least ensure that when you arrive at your destination you’ll smell like you’ve been frolicking about a French mountain rather than sweating your guts out on a British A-road. 


Lush, Muc-Off, Jack Black

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo - 7/10

Not every ride can end with a hot shower and a massage. Sometimes all you get is the loos at a sports hall and a long car journey home. Long the preserve of the dirty stop-out, dry shampoo is also great for dealing with helmet hair. Just pop a dose of this citrussy powder into your hair and in an instant it’ll be less greasy and far better smelling. 


Muc-off Dry Shower - 9/10

Whether you’re able to get to an actual shower with actual running water or whether the closest you’re able to achieve is splashing some dry shower product over yourself in the back of a van, Muc-off has got you covered. Both the conventional and waterless options contain coconut to help neutralise odour-causing bacteria.


Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant - 8/10

Sadly nothing to do with the protagonist of School Of Rock. This Jack Black is an American brand making skincare for rugged outdoor types. So rugged, in fact, they sponsor mountaineer Conrad Anker. While he’s out and about climbing some of the world’s most challenging terrain, he no doubt appreciates the subtle fragrance and gentle formula of this invisible antiperspirant.  


Below the belt grooming

Below the Belt Fresh and Dry & Waterless Shower - 7/10

A lot of skincare is aimed at riders’ faces. Although everyone appreciates having a good-looking mug, this arguably neglects a potentially even more important and sensitive area. Below the Belt aims to keep your junk happy while exercising, and then freshen it up afterwards. After all, who doesn’t want fresh and dry cojones?


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