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Pick 'n' Mix - 08

Cyclist magazine
21 Jun 2016

Five more products to add to the wish list

From left to right...

1. Airsmith Volley multitools

From £22,

‘I could stay awake, just to use your torque key; watch your five-mill when you’re sleeping, while your Philips head is dreaming,’ sang Airsmith at the multitool wedding. Or something like that. At any rate, these tools are the perfect marriage of form and function – everything you need for a nimble bike service. 

2. Cadence Vik20 cap/socks


If you’ve ever wondered where your missing socks go, they’re probably hanging out with your Tupperware lids. Hopefully, though, a matching cap might incentivise your next pair to stick around, which is one of the reasons Cadence is redefining head-to-toe with its colourfully matched ensembles. 

3. Park Tool DH-1 Dummy Hub


It’s a little known fact, but the original Dummy Hub was made out of a Park Tool employee’s revolver barrel. Completely true. While the consumer version certainly isn’t, it still offers bang for your buck. Just replace the rear wheel with this little doofer, mount the chain and hey presto, you’ve got the perfect way to keep your chain clear of the stays for bike transport and easy cleaning. 

4. Miche carbon brake pads


What’s the least sexy part of your bike? Probably the brake blocks. But the most sexy part of your body? Got to be the face. So preserve your gorgeous fizzog by making sure your bike can slow down quickly and effectively, and what better way to do it than using these very reasonably priced carbon-specific brake pads from Miche? Available for Shimano/Sram or Campagnolo, £18.99 gets you four. 

5. Fenwick’s Carbon Assembly Paste


Try building a carbon bicycle out of this stuff and you’ll be sorely disappointed, but use it to increase grip between carbon interfaces and gone will be the days of creaking parts and having to dangerously over-torque bolts to prevent slippage. Fenwick’s formula is non-staining, and thanks to the polymer beads inside the paste, it shouldn’t scratch your components either.

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