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Ultimate upgrades: Winter cycling gear

The best gear to help you ride further, faster and in more comfort than ever…

1 Jan 2016

Helmets, shoes and eyewear 

Giro Republic LX, £150

Charlotte: ‘These shoes are a great all-rounder, but they’re particularly good for commuters because basically the whole shoe is reflective, so when car lights fall on it, the whole shoe lights up. The sole is nylon, not carbon, with high-traction walking pads, which is what makes them such great all-rounders, and they use a recessed two-bolt cleat. The upper is perforated microfibre and they’re fully lace-up.’

Specialized S-Works 6, £280

Charlotte: ‘This is the ultimate upgrade shoe. If you’re after performance, this is the one to have. It offers a great ergonomic fit with the Body Geometry soles and footbeds, and has a seriously stiff carbon sole for excellent transfer of power. The BOA dials are great for micro-adjustment of fit.’

Kask Protone, £189

Charlotte: ‘A lot of people will already know about the Protone because it’s worn by so many of the pros. The key feature is that it’s very aerodynamic, but also very well ventilated. So it’s a great helmet if you’re after a more aerodynamic performance but don’t want to overheat.’

Giro Foray Mips, £75

Charlotte: ‘The great thing about the Foray is that it features many elements of Giro’s more premium Synthe helmet, such as the excellent Roc Lock retention system. It isn’t as aerodynamic as the Synthe but it’s still lightweight and well ventilated. It also features the MIPS safety technology that everyone’s talking about [basically an inner liner that allows your head to move inside the helmet in a crash, reducing rotation injuries], which is a great feature at the price, but there’s also a non-MIPS option for £50.’

Oakley Jawbreaker Photochromatic, £205

Charlotte: ‘Everyone knows about Oakleys – they’re the ultimate sport design that all the top athletes wear. The best thing about them is the excellent visibility, so you can see more around you while on the bike, and in the upper region when you glance upwards. They’re very lightweight too, and although these ones come with photochromatic lenses, Oakley’s Switch Lock technology means you can easily swap them out for any other Jawbreaker lenses of your choice.’

Tifosi Crit Photochromatic, £65

Charlotte: ‘Photochromatic lenses are a key feature at this time of year because the weather is so unpredictable. The Crit is a new model from Tifosi with a frame made of Grilamid TR90, which is extremely flexible with higher bending strength. It has adjustable nose and ear pieces for a better fit, and the lenses are vented to stop them steaming up.’

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