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Ultimate upgrades: Winter cycling gear

The best gear to help you ride further, faster and in more comfort than ever…

1 Jan 2016


Fabric Garage TP01 track pump, £70

Sam: ‘Like the multi-tool, this is a really beautifully made and very high quality pump for the money. It comes with a beautifully braided hose, and has a smart head system as well, so there’s no need to faff around with internals when you’re clamping it on and off the valve. It’s a really high quality track pump but without the high quality price, and it looks super smart, too, with a wooden handle, wooden base and a huge gauge that is
very easy to read.’

Wahoo Elemnt Bundle GPS, £300

Sam: ‘GPS is a busy market but the thing that sets Wahoo apart is using your phone as a key part of the package – it uses your smartphone for set-up and customisation of the display and features, but has GPS built-in to provide turn-by-turn navigation and Strava live segments. They also have a simple, user-friendly operating system, which is one of the biggest distinguishing features for me – they focus on the main features you use every day. It’s a strong contender against Garmin. The peripherals are excellent, too – it comes with a heart-rate monitor, plus speed and cadence sensors. The cadence sensor attaches to your shoe, so it comes with you if you switch to a different bike, which is a nifty feature.’

Fabric FL 30 light, £30

Sam: ‘This is an innovative light with a built-in accelerometer, so it understands when you’re slowing down and the light will go from flashing to static, to tell the person behind you that you’re coming to a stop, then goes back to flashing again as you move away. It’s bridging that gap between just telling the world “I’m here” and giving out a little bit more information. The neat clamping system is designed to fit to any seatpost, so it’s easy to use, and it’s a really keen price, too.’

Fabric Sixteen multi-tool, £21.99

Sam: ‘Fabric is still very new to the multi-tool game (this new model isn’t even on sale until late September) but this is a really nice, high-quality tool that’s built to last. It’s a beautifully engineered product, designed in Britain. Like all Fabric products, it’s very stylish but also made to last and to be used every day. Industrial without the industrial look, if you like.’ 

Wahoo KICKR Snap turbo trainer, £500

Sam: ‘Like Wahoo’s Elemnt GPS, one of the best features of its Kickr Snap turbo trainer is how simple it is to use. The original Kickr is a really high-end bit of kit but the Snap is much more affordable. It’s a wheel-on trainer, unlike the original Kickr which required you to remove your rear wheel, but otherwise the only thing it really lacks is the built-in power meter – which is not to say you can’t use power on the Snap, just that it’s measured in a different way.

'Also like the Elemnt GPS, it uses open-source software, so there are loads of different training platforms you can use – you’re not tied in to Wahoo’s own software. It’s fully compatible with Zwift and Strava, and it even comes with 60 days Strava premium membership thrown in. It’s fully app-controlled too, so you can control resistance and so on via your smartphone, and the flywheel weight is much heavier than most trainers at this price, so it can cope with really high power output.'

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