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Pick 'n' Mix

James Spender
7 Oct 2016

Because accessories are the mothers of invention.

Clockwise, from left

1. Crankalicious Cycle Care - from £3,

While we’d never recommend eating your dinner off your chainset, we’re pretty sure you could attain near-medical cleanliness of your drivetrain with Crankalicious’s list of cleaners and buffers. Our personal favourite is the ‘Like Pneu’ tyre cleaner, which does an excellent job of restoring stained tan-wall tyres. 

2. Rie:sel Design Rit:ze and Fla:sche - €9.95 (approx £8.45),

Deed Poll says it will refuse name changes that contain symbols or punctuation marks, but ask German graphic designer firm Rie:sel and it will tell you these are precisely the things all names need, whether that’s the funky comic-print Rit:ze Ass Saver or Fla:sche water bottle. We’re willing to forgive the grammatical floutings, yet we remain sad that Deed Poll also discourages changing your name for a bet. There goes our dream of being called Captain Quads, MBE.

3. Knog Blinder Mob Mr Chips lights - £34.99 (each),

We’re not entirely sure if Knog’s designers have ever seen Catchphrase, but no matter. Like that cheeky little neckerchiefed fellow off the telly, we’re just going to say what we see, and here that’s a pair of gratifyingly well designed rechargeable lights that knock out 80 lumens front and 44 rear courtesy of the latest LED chipsets. Oh 
wait, maybe that’s what Knog is referring to. We’re good but we’re not right.

4. Garmin Vivomove - from £139.99,

In the 19th century time literally was money. A lady by the name of Ruth Belville would set her watch to the Greenwich clock, then walk around London letting people look at it for money. Little is known of the timepiece she used, but were she alive today then the Vivomove would undoubtedly be her watch of choice – highly accurate, classically styled and with the ability to count steps and monitor sleep, relaying the data to your smartphone for analysis.

5. Unior Tyre Levers - £3.49 (pair),

Put down your teaspoons! Because Unior is here with these colourfully resplendent tyre levers. Made from rim-friendly injection-moulded plastic, they might not be the most glamorous editions to your toolbox but, like a map-less rambler, you’d be lost without them.

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