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The new trend for bold jerseys

Sam Challis
13 Oct 2016

Understated elegance is so 2013. Now a gang of small brands is bringing a new boldness to jersey design.

Until recently, if you wanted technically proficient cycling kit you bought from a mainstream brand, which would offer a range of sober and sensible colours (or just plain black).

If individuality was your thing, the clothing on offer was all too often novelty-wear with no performance pretensions. Serious riders who wanted to stand out were faced with a no-win situation, but thanks to a growing new movement of fashion-conscious brands this is set to change.

‘Cyclists are quite design-conscious and creative so it was only a matter of time before people were drawn towards creating technical kit that’s a little bit quirky and individual,’ says Claire Pepper of Omnium, an online store that curates and sells kit from new, independent brands. ‘Cycling has such a stylish history and I see the current trend for bold designs as a continuation of that – a recognition that feeling the part enhances your riding experience.’

This trend started tentatively with socks and has branched confidently into jerseys. Will we find independent brands producing full outfits soon? 

‘It’s harder to persuade customers to trust an indie brand on highly technical items, but some are up there with the market leaders now in terms of the quality of their fabrics and construction,’ says Pepper. ‘Watch this space.’

(left to right, top to bottom)

Isadore Angliru Climbers jersey, £120

Pactimo Pop 1 jersey, £80

Twin Six Hot Wire jersey, £70

Chapeau Madeleine jersey, £69.95

Matchy Inca jersey, £175 (inc bibshorts)

Angeles Creative Spektrum jersey, £90

Pactimo Van Winkle jersey, £80

Tokyo Fixed Arrows jersey, £85

Forward Saved By The Bell jersey, £85

La Flamme Rouge Flower Power jersey, DKK 899 (approx £103)

Hills & Yonder Which Way jersey, £110

Maap Divide Winter jersey, £128.58

Q36.5 R1 Flowerpower jersey, €126 (approx £108)

Velocio Lela Rose Poppy jersey, €145 (approx £124)

Hackney GT Robi jersey, £75

Attaquer Core Brush jersey, £99.95

Breva Lago di Como jersey, €125 (approx £107)

Queen of the Mountain Race jersey, £120

Void Print jersey, £85

Primal Wuz-Zappenin jersey, £50

Good Cycling Marker jersey, £70

Zappi Mondo 2 jersey, £105

Stolen Goat Bodyline jersey, £60

Cycology One Tribe jersey, £55

Muur Wilde jersey, £90

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