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Buyer's guide: Upgrade your workshop and tools

11 Apr 2017

Better tools can make you a better mechanic while improving the lifespan of your bike and its parts. In association with Evans Cycles

Lezyne Shock Digital Drive pump

A mini pump in your pocket is handy for mid-ride punctures, but for your home workshop nothing beats a full-sized, floor-standing pump for inflating your tyres quickly and with minimal effort.

This sturdy CNC-machined aluminium model has a digital gauge for precise readings, an extra-long hose and an ergonomic wooden handle that makes it a joy to use.


FWE 3-15NM Professional Torque Wrench Set

Carbon components are pretty strong but caution is needed when tightening bolts to avoid crushing them. On the other hand, not doing up bolts tight enough can cause components to fall off mid-ride.

A torque wrench takes the guesswork out of the equation. We rate this comprehensive set with its 2-6mm hex sockets and a T25 Torx bit.


Feedback Sports Pro Elite workstand

Fed up of turning your bike upside down to take the wheels out? Hate getting a bad back from all that crouching to do tricky jobs on the ground? Then you need a decent workstand.

Top-end, pro-quality models like this bad boy have a wide range of adjustability, and a clamp that’s easy to operate, leaving you to artfully wield a tool with your spare hand.


FWE Chain Cleaner

That thick layer of gunk that builds up on your chain doesn’t just look bad, it can make turning your pedals feel like you’re riding through treacle. A clean chain runs more smoothly, increasing your power output for no extra effort.

So get a scrubbing machine like this and you can clean your chain in minutes after every ride without it ever feeling like a chore.


Park Tool CN10 Pro Cable & Housing Cutter

Still cutting/crushing cable housing with a manky pair of pliers? Bad idea. A decent set of cable cutters will trim down brake and gear cable outers to the right length, leaving the ends neatly squared off rather than twisted and warped.

They also make cutting brake and gear cables a breeze, and have a cap crimper too – so say goodbye to frayed cable ends.


FWE Hex Key Tube Set

The humble allen key is the most-used item in any cyclist’s toolbox, so it’s worth investing in good-quality ones that won’t round off at the edges or damage your bolts.

A good set to cover every job you’re ever likely to do on a bike will include 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm keys – exactly what this set boasts.


This buyer's guide was produced in association with Evans Cycles

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