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Buyer's guide: Best skincare products for cyclists

Your face is one of the few bits of your body that’s left exposed if you ride at this time of year. Here are the best ways to protect it

27 Feb 2018

There’s no two ways about it – ride a bike at this time of year and your face takes a bit of a battering. Wind, cold, sweat, grime, pollution and rain will all conspire to slap your chops about.

This can result in anything from spots and rashes, to dry skin and premature ageing. Thankfully, though, there are a number of products on the market designed to protect and nourish a cyclist’s skin.

Here’s our rundown of the best skincare products for cyclists


Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream and Skin Food

The Weather Protection Cream (meant for babies but also ideal for cyclists) is made from organic sweet almond oil, beeswax and calendula.

Out of the tube it smells a little like Vaseline and while it definitely shares some of that substance’s greasiness, this is a far lighter preparation.

We found a little went a long way, too, with a tiny smear being enough to cover the whole face, proving highly protective in foul weather.

The Skin Food, meanwhile, includes organic chamomile, calendula and rosemary and is an awesome product that restores dry and battered skin to life without irritation. 


Ideal combo for protecting and restoring skin during harsh-weather rides - 9/10

Price and buy

£8.95/£7.50 for 30ml | 

BSC Recovery Phase Cycle Cream

Choose from either a fragrance-free or green tea option for this superb cream which both protects and restores your skin.

Specially formulated for cyclists, it’s crammed with  vitamins B3,B5,C and E to guard your skin’s cell structure, while also being rich in anti-oxidants that will soak up the free radicals you produce when pumping the pedals.

The rich, slightly greasy formulation spreads evenly and is easily absorbed to leave your skin feeling hydrated and ‘springy’ to the touch.

Pricey? Perhaps but we found a single pump’s worth was enough for the whole face, making this a cream that’ll last you all year. 


A high-quality cream that reduced soreness and proved highly water resistant to boot - 8/10

Price and buy

£17.95 for 50g |

Ride Protect and Recover Creams

These two products, when used together, will keep your skin looking fresher than a teenager on a cabbage-juice diet.

Ride:Protect features a SPF 25 broad-spectrum sunscreen that filters out not just UV rays but the damaging effects of the wind and the rain, too.

Made from Candelilla wax, jojoba and coconut oil, this sting-free and pleasantly scented formula was developed to work for a number of sports including riding, swimming and running, making this perfect for cyclists and triathletes alike.

The accompanying Ride:Recover cream, again uses organic natural ingredients including Aloe vera, green tea and peppermint, to rehydrate skin with a non-greasy application that leaves your face feeling rejuvenated and fresh.


Excellent, sports-specific combo that reduce skin soreness and creates a weather-proof barrier - 9/10 

Price and buy

£11.99 for 50ml |

Morgan Blue Professional Protection

This has a much more medical vibe to it than others featured here. With a definite antiseptic pong to it, this waxy formula resembles vaseline (although it’s not as thick) and once applied, a generous scoop leaves a palpable layer of grease on your face, neck and throat.

There’s no doubting its ability to keep the weather at bay, however, providing an effective water and windproof barrier that keeps on doing its thing right throughout a big ride in awful weather.

In fact, removing it afterwards with soap and water required no little effort. A word of caution  if using this one: avoid contact with your eyes and don’t use on broken skin. 


An almost industrial-strength barrier for your skin, ideal if you’re planning on riding in a force 9 gale - 7/10 

Price and buy

£13.95 for 200ml |

Boots No7 Men Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Day Moisturiser  

According to the sales blurb this cream is ‘powered by Matrixyl 3000 Plus, the technology from our clinically proven Protect and Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum.’

In reality what this means is that this cream has a SPF15 sunscreen in it that will help keep out the elements (not just UV rays) to look after your skin while you’re in the saddle in all sorts of weather.

We found one generous pump was enough to cover the entire face and throat, with the skin drinking up the cream upon application.

Although a pleasant fragrance reminiscent of sun cream did linger, our testers skin was left hydrated and happy without being the slightest bit irritated.  


Far from the cheapest product here, but it works well and had a distinctly luxuriant feel to it - 8/10

Price and buy

£25 for 50g |

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