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Buyer's guide: Best skincare products for cyclists

Your face is one of the few bits of your body that’s left exposed if you ride at this time of year. Here are the best ways to protect it

27 Feb 2018

Best skincare products for cyclists

Going out in all weathers proves you’re super hard and is a trait much respected among cyclists. But while freakish looking tan lines and bulging calf muscles are universally applauded as evidence of dedication, letting the elements ravage your skin until it looks like a haggard chamois cloth isn’t.

At this time of year, when the weather starts to dish out more of a lashing, you need to look after yourself. Wind-burn and rain can quickly strip the out the lipids that help protect your skin, leaving it prone to damage and even infection.

Slap on one of these eight potions to make sure you remain in top condition throughout the winter. 

ActiveBod Cooling Finish Lotion 100ml

What the makers say: Finish off your exercise regime with our non-sticky body lotion containing menthol that delivers an enjoyable cooling sensation. 

What we say: With a good dose of menthol and alcohol, this instantly helps cool stinging muscles. Very light, it smells fantastic and you won’t feel greasy afterwards. While it lacks some of the clever ingredients found in similar products, the tingling sensation and great consistency make this our pick – 9/10


Pure Body Butters Shea Butter & Apricot Oil Daily Moisturiser 24g

What the makers say: Rich in vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants, the smooth, light texture is gently absorbed.

What we say: It’s hard to get enough out of the miniature tub to cover more than a tiny area, and it feels a bit greasy, but when you do get some on, it’s not bad, leaving skin noticeably softer. At least it smells nice – pleasantly chocolatey – 6/10


Elite OZONE Tone Cream 150ml

What the makers say: Use before competition to enhance a general massage or afterwards to counteract fatigue and help physical recovery.

What we say: Don’t go slapping this on your face. Designed to aid massage, it takes a while to rub in, helping you get to work on sore muscles, while also leaving skin really soft. There’s no fragrance to speak of, instead smelling slightly of emulsion paint. Unlike some massage creams there’s not too much alcohol or menthol - 7/10


What Skin Needs Skin gel 75ml 

What the makers say: A potent blend of natural ingredients formulated to provide effective solutions for more persistent skin problems such as irritations and rashes.

What we say: Although the label suggests it’s best for stubborn problem areas, such as sore hands or elbows, it’s easily light enough to use more regularly. Its creamy consistency is easily absorbed. It certainly soothed sore areas, probably thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory ingredient. Smells nice too – 8/10


Lotil Original 50ml

What the makers say: For dry skin that needs extreme repair and moisture. It contains powerful emollients to rapidly rehydrate the skin.

What we say: Smelling faintly medicinal and with a texture similar to Savlon, this isn’t the sort of thing you want to be slavering on every day. But on those occasions when your skin has taken some real punishment on a harsh winter ride, it’ll do a good job of preventing further damage while also helping prevent infection. Very effective, if a little oily feeling – 8/10


Wingman skin fuel Moisturiser 100ml

What the makers say: Hydrating gel with ginseng gives a cooling energy boost to revive and brighten tired skin, repair and mattify with a non-greasy finish.

What we say: A light feeling gel rather than a cream, it’s readily absorbed into the skin. Although it doesn’t feel too heavy or thick it does leave a slightly sticky residue. The fragrance is quite strong and definitely of the typical ‘man’ cosmetics variety. Good value for the price though – 7/10


Sportique Elements Cream 180ml

What the makers say: Don’t let the elements get in your way. A revolutionary blend of oils and botanicals protects skin from chaffing and chapping. 

What we say: This fairly thick cream has a smell reminiscent of quality leather care balm, which is kind of what it is. Excellent at reviving dry, chapped skin, it’s ever so slightly sticky, which is the only thing stopping us from smearing it all over. A good product although better saved for treating problem spots than general application – 8/10 


Kiehl’s Facial Fuel 125ml

What the makers say: Re-awakens and uplifts dull, fatigued skin while protecting against the effects of environmental aggressors.

What we say: This stuff is quickly absorbed and leaves skin feeling very fresh, perhaps due to the added caffeine. We can’t be sure if it made us more attractive looking but it certainly left us smelling fantastic. Also available in a surprisingly non-greasy SPF factor 15 that’ll be a boon come summer. Not cheap, though – you’ll have to decide if you’re worth it – 7/10


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