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Best bike storage: smart solutions for your bike

Cyclist magazine
13 Jun 2021

Simple and secure bike storage solutions for keeping your machine neatly stashed when you’re not riding

Just because you’re happy to let cycling monopolise your time and money doesn’t mean you should let it take over your space too. There are plenty of smart bike storage solutions out there, after all.

Whether you want to display your machines to maximum effect or keep them safe from theft we’ve rounded up a selection of the best bicycle storage solutions to help you reclaim your home.

Ideal for freeing up your hallway or organising your garage, you might even find you’ve room for one more bike once you’ve put the existing ones in order.

The 14 best bicycle storage solutions

1. Dayde Bike Stand: The coolest looking bike stand

Buy now from Made for £49

If you’re going to buy a work of art, which let’s face it most of us consider our fancy bike to be, then you don’t just pop it in the corner, you display it.

Dayde’s Bike Stand may well be a simple construction of dark wood and copper plate frame but it’s clean and understated making a great backdrop when in use and a talking point when not.

Capable of holding bikes up to 30kg, it does so by nestling the top tube into a groove and then letting gravity do its thing. It won’t work with every frame but perhaps it’s the excuse you need to get a new bike that it does work with.

Buy now from Made for £49

2. Cycloc Solo: Most Versatile bike storage stand

Easily angled to accommodate the exact geometry of your bike, the Cycloc Solo is a clever counterbalancing wall mount.

Grabbing above and below the toptube, its rubber contact points ensure nothing gets scuffed while holes in the top and bottom allow the addition of a lock to stop anyone running off with your bike. A useful feature, but with the Cycloc itself being made of tough plastic that could be sliced through, the lock mount is more of a deterrent than a guarantee.

Available in lots of candy-bright colours there’s nothing to rust making it suitable for use both indoors and out.

3. Feedback Sports Velo Wall Post: The strongest stand

With a weight limit of 22.7kg the Wall Post offers a little more than the simple hook mounts, it’s still wall-mounted but being a bar means you get a larger working area – in this case about 30cm.

That fold-down bar not only means it’ll pack way when not in use but also gives you room to hang your bike by its saddle, and perhaps a spare frame or a fancy set of wheels too.

As you’d expect, the bar is padded to protect the rim or saddle from damage and as added security there is space to thread a lock to help slow down thieves.

4. Feedback Sports Velo Hinge: Low-profile bike storage 

As we’ve discussed, bike storage is great but it so easily becomes an awkward hassle when not in use, which is one of the reasons we so like the Velo Hinge.

The backplate gets bolted to the wall (or whatever you’re hanging your bike from), the cover opens and reveals the hook upon which you can hang your wheel, frame or complete bike.

Once done storing, the hook can be popped away leaving the fairly minimal unit on the wall. The standard hook will accommodate tyre/wheel depths up to 74mm, and a longer hook version is available for depths up to 99mm.

5. PRO Bike Display Stand: The easiest bike stand option


PRO’s Bike stands are so ubiquitous that if you’ve ever been in a bike shop it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve seen at least one, but more likely a whole row of bikes on them. The fact that you might not have noticed probably says heaps for the styling that puts the bike first.

A simple pair of fingers with protective rubber sleeves save the frame from scratches as the reducing gap between the fingers guides and traps the rear wheel axle whilst the wave section in the footing gives the tyre a location and reduces the likelihood of it toppling over.

6. Hornit Clug: Best discrete solution

Bike storage just doesn’t come much smaller than the Clug. Oddly named it may be but the two-part ‘G’ shaped clamp wraps around your tyre and grips just short of the rim so it’s in no danger of damaging anything important, hardware-wise, on your bike.

This ‘roadie’ version claims to work for tyres sized from 23mm up to 32mm, and versions for wider hybrid and MTB tyres are also available.

Designed to support rather than take the whole weight of your machine, it’s rated to hold one bike up to 13kg and obviously won’t work with flat tyres, although it does work either horizontally or vertically if you prefer.

7. Hiplok Airlok: The most secure bike stand

Designed to match the swankiest of city pads the Airlok is a neat bit of industrial design. A hanger with an integrated lock it’s available in white, black, grey or red to match either your bike or wallpaper.

Aesthetics aside more crucially it comes with a Gold Sold Secure rating, meaning the Airlok is recognised by almost all insurers. There’s also a programme allowing you to order replacement keys should you lose the three provided.

Designed to resist being wrenched off its fixings, even if a thief should succeed the Airlok will remain attached to the bike, rendering making off with it extremely difficult.

8. Cactus Tongue Roadie: Most stylish bike storage 

This stainless steel and leather bike hanger is way too pretty and curvaceous to banish to the garage.

Simply fixing to the wall via two screws it’ll either hold the bike by its top tube or hang it vertically by the handlebars. Sitting just proud enough from the wall to allow for basic maintenance this Roadie model projects a shorter distance than others in the range.

Available with a selection of different colour leather contact sleeves to match your paint job there are also versions suited to wider handlebar bikes, along with cheaper powder-coated models.

9. Trophy Bike Racks Bull: The quirkiest bike storage stand

Buy now for £99 from Trophy Bike Racks

Display your bike without degrading your decor. The Trophy Bike Racks Bull takes the form of a cartoon taxidermy bull’s head, with the horns providing a perch for your bike.

Nice to look at empty or laden with a bike, the rack’s minimalist outline is formed of solid steel meaning it’s as strong as its namesake. With space for four mounting screws integrated into the frame itself, it comes supplied with fitting kits suitable for brick, plasterboard or timber.

Handmade in Kent there’s also a lux version featuring copper plating and hand-stitched leather on the horns suitable for the swankiest homes.

Buy now for £99 from Trophy Bike Racks

10. Delta El Greco Hoist: Best for small spaces

In the El Greco, Delta has managed to make a simple but handy storage device for those with high ceilings.

A relatively simple pulley system has a pair of hooks built into the lowering section that picks up on your bars and under your saddle to allow you to hoist the bike off the ground and out of harm’s way, where you can then lock off the cord.

An auto-locking feature is built-in, so you shouldn’t be able to undo it accidentally and have your bike fall. The maximum load is 22.6kg and obviously requires that you have a suitable ceiling to work with.

11. Topeak Dual-Touch Bike Stand: Best for multiple bikes

Fitting between floor and ceiling the Topeak Dual Touch Bike Stand installs without tools thanks to a quick-release fastening.

Coming as standard with two bike mounts there’s fixing points to fit a second pair on the back if necessary. All of these are then adjustable, with both the angle of the cradle and the width of the jaws being independently movable.

Capable of carrying 18kg per hook the entire stand can support 72kg and will provide a home to an entire fleet of bikes. When not in use the whole assemblage folds down for unobtrusive storage.

12. Cyclehoop Bikeshelf: Best for industrial design and security 

Buy now from Cyclehoop for £66.50

The Cyclehoop Bikeshelf will help you reclaim floor space while also providing extra storage. With the shelf’s main hook accommodating the bike atop the Bikeshelf is a great spot for your helmet or a pot plant.

Below both is a second ledge for stashing accessories. Always there when you grab your bike it’s the perfect home for your multi-tool, levers and pump.

Built from 5mm thick plate steel and with four solid fixings there’s a hole in the top allowing you to lock your bike in place. Weighing 9kg before you even add a bike the Bikeshelf is definitely one for solid walls and not plasterboard.

Buy now from Cyclehoop for £66.50

13. Delta Dali Hinge Hook & Tray: Simple and cheap  

The top section of this two-part wall mount folds away when not in use to save space. Flipped out it comprises a hook and backing plate. Able to fit a wide range of tyre widths, stopping the hook from damaging your rims is a broad plastic bumper.

Mounted below this a simple tyre tray helps locate the rear wheel and stops it from swinging about or scuffing your wall.

With the hinge allowing the bike to pivot to the side, it’s possible to mount it hanging straight or turned over to the side.

14. BiciSupport Wall/Ceiling hook: Best value bike storage


BiciSupport makes a range of Italian-manufactured professional and domestic benches, stands and associated items, including this simple yet robust bike hook.

A straightforward steel plate and curved bar, it’s plenty wide enough for road tyres and will fit all but the widest MTB tyres as it measures 65mm at its widest point and will handle a wheel rim and tyre that’s up to 90mm deep.

The hook is covered with a protective rubber sleeve to avoid scratching your rim when the bike is hung by it. The support weighs 240g and comes without mounting screws or bolts.

What should I consider when looking at bicycle storage?

Where do I have space?

Before purchasing, step back and assess where in your house has the most space to safely store your bike. This initial, quite basic question will likely influence what you end up buying in the long term as there's no point in buying a storage option specific to one room if you end up storing your bike elsewhere in the long run.

Do I need to keep the bike secure?

If you cannot keep your bike stored within the four walls of your home and have to keep your pride and joy in the shed or garage, you will likely want to pick an option that comes with either a lock or the ability to affix a lock to it.

Do I care how it looks?

If you are planning to store your bike indoors, chances are you will want your storage device to look half decent. After all, it'll be there for all visitors to see. So keeping that in mind, consider whether the solution you pick will suit the rest of your furniture.

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