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Best small and lightweight bike locks: compact and transportable locks from £14

19 May 2021

A breakdown of the best compact and easily carryable bike locks to keep your bike safe

Lightweight locks, cafe-stop locks, compact locks. Call them what you like, these are the locks that won’t stop a determined thief, but could prevent your bike going missing from a sportive start line, rural cake stop or when you are popping into the shops.

The benefit of these locks is that they are light so easy to travel with, small enough to store in a pocket or bike bag while robust enough to put off opportunists from trying to swipe your pride and joy.

Below we have compiled eight of the best with a mixture of sizes, styles, lock methods and prices.

The best lightweight bike locks money can buy

1. Abus Combiflex Cable bike lock

You can’t lose your key when it's a numerical combination. Programmable to your own memorable three-digit number, this little walkie-talkie style lock is instant to fit, while its cable retracts at the push of a button.

Despite its tiny size, there’s very little chance of anyone wrenching your bike away, although even the smallest snippers will make light work of its cable.

Great for securing luggage too.

2. HipLok Z Lok bike lock

Like a reusable zip-tie, the HipLok Z Lok uses a two-pronged pin to unlock. With a steel reinforced core it’s surprisingly tough, and can instantly be pulled to the required tightness.

Able to secure an entire bike, they’re also good paired with a stronger lock to tie down wheels or accessories like helmets or bags.

Available in a range of colours to suit kit snobs, there’s even a combination lock version at double the price.

3. Safeman cable bike lock

Buy now from SJS for £14.99

This neat little spiral lock winds up or unspools for easy carrying. Extending to 75cm the cable then loops back into the lock body and can be pulled tight.

The advantage of this is you can lash down your equipment, making it harder for thieves to gain leverage. With a tensile strength of 1,200 kg there's no chance of it being pulled apart and it’ll put up some fight against most cutters.

Weighing only 129g it’s easily pocketable, although the keys need to be stored separately, making them more prone to go wandering.

4. HipLok FLX

The nicest cycling-specific adaptation of a mini combo lock we’ve seen. The HipLok FLX features a clip that’ll secure it to a jersey, bag, or the pocket of your trousers.

On the back it houses a flashing LED light, ideal for additional illumination, or use in an emergency. The lock itself uses a three-digit re-programmable combination mated to a lengthy one-metre cable.

5. Ottolock Version 2

Buy now from Bikester for £54.99

Like a compression/tie-down strap but with a reinforced steel and kevlar band. Reportedly impervious to bolt cutters, it certainly looks to be far tougher than similar alternatives, something reflected in the price.

Obviously, an angle grinder or even hacksaw will make light work of it, but for short-stay security, it could be a winner.

Despite this, the shorter 46cm version still weighs only 120g. Unlocked via three-digit combination, it’s flexible enough to be stowed in a jersey or saddle pack once coiled up.

6. Tigr Mini bike lock

Buy now from Tigr for $115

Something to rival a conventional steel D-lock but weighing just 400 grams? Maybe. By using a flat titanium plate and unique barrel lock cylinder the Tigr manages to be super lightweight.

Better than a standard braided cable, but unlikely to match cheaper D-locks, any thief will need to come tooled up. Something verified by its ART 2/5 star rating.

Moderately bulky the lock comes with its own frame mounting bracket which can attach via your the bottle cage mounts. A viable option for low crime areas.

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7. Foldylock Compact bike lock

Buy now from Tredz Bikes for £58.49

A proper lock, with a standard weight, just in a compact package. Made of articulated steel plates the Foldylock unfurls to span an 85cm circumference.

Weighing a kilogram it’s about equivalent to a smaller D-lock and also comes with a Sold Secure silver rating, which will keep most insurers happy depending on the value of your bike.

With a unique holster which can be mounted almost anywhere on the bike, its 4x6x19cm size is also easily stashable in a bag.

It's yet to be proven whether it will keep bears out.

8. Altor Apex Ti

Buy now from Altor Locks for $189

A thing of beauty this brass and titanium lock claims to offer D-lock level security. At 560g and with a cleverly articulated design it’s certainly striking looking.

It also features a unique locking mechanism whereby you simply press a button on the barrel to secure the lock, using the keys only to release it.

Taking up little space on the frame it’d even fit in the pocket of a sturdier jersey. However, as it doesn’t yet have an independent rating we’d be wary of using it as anything other than a very boutique cafe-stop option.

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