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Best bike-mounted phone holders: a buyer's guide

Joseph Delves
6 Jul 2020

A collection of the best bike phone mounts for cyclists wanting to attach their mobile to the handlebar

Mounting your mobile phone to the bike can be nerve-racking. However with a wealth of ride tracking and navigational apps available, on your handlebars may well be the best place for it.

Allowing you to keep an eye on your phone and get the best from your favourite apps, we’ve rounded up our favourite cases and mounts – just don't get distracted.

The best bike-mounted phone holders

Quad Lock Out Front Mount

Quad Lock makes some of the best fixtures and fittings for attaching your phone to your bike. Working either with one of its many dedicated cases or via a stick-on adaptor, this out front mount is perhaps the brand’s neatest option.

Putting your phone ahead of the bars both looks good and keeps it easy to read. Attaching with a simple twist, a coloured lever needs to be depressed before taking it on or off, adding a degree of extra security. It’s a system so rigid we can't imagine any situation in which it might be shaken loose.

Buy now from Amazon for £49.99

SKS Compit Smartphone Holder 

Neat, clean and placed right in the middle of your bars, the SKS Compit system allows you to quickly flip your phone between portrait and landscape modes.

While the standard product is neat, e-bike users should check out the smart+ versions. These combine three core functions in one compact system; a mobile phone holder, a Qi-certified communications unit with an integrated NFC chip, plus an accessory mount for a front light or action cam.

Connected to your e-bike’s power source, its universal technology also allows inductive charging of your smartphone.

Buy now from Tredz for £29.99

Topeak Ridecase System

With options to fit pretty much every iPhone, the Topeak Ridecase System comprises a case for your phone and a rigid multi-position mount that fixes to the bike. Clip the two together, and you’ve turned your phone into a smart bike computer.

Allowing you to flip the phone’s orientation from portrait to landscape, the case itself features a non-slip, polymer/rubber exoskeleton for shock and impact protection. On the back there’s also an integrated flip stand to allow for easy viewing of the phone when used away from the bike.

For non-iPhone users, the band also makes a stretchy-armed holster called the Topeak Ridecase Omni DX that’ll work with any device with a screen between 4.5 and 6.5-inches wide.

Buy now from Wiggle for £44.99

Tigra Sport FitClic Neo Magnetic Bike Forward Mount for Smartphones

With a massive host of different mounts, Tigra will almost certainly have a solution for attaching your phone to whatever bit of bike you fancy.

As standard, its basic bike kit uses a band-on type bracket. However, this more expensive option uses a robust out-front style fixing that can also take a second attachment for an action camera or light.

Whichever you choose, Tigra’s two-part kits all start with a close-fitting polycarbonate case with a soft thermoplastic exterior.

Likey to be left on your phone full time, this offers some extra bump protection, while its back houses a discrete fixing for the brand’s Fitclic Neo Magnetic mounts. These combine self-locating magnets with a second mechanical locking mechanism for maximum retention.  

Buy now from Amazon for £27.70

Bike Citizens Finn Universal Phone Holder

There are lots of silicone webbing type phone mounts out there. However, as far as we can tell this Austrian made one is the original. It’s also one of the best.

A bit pricier than the knock-offs you can find all over the internet, it’s a cost worth paying for the added security its tougher-than-average construction offers.

Accepting everything short of an iPad, it’s pretty much universal, while also having the benefit of fitting in your pocket when not in use on your bike. If you don’t ride anywhere too bumpy, the Finn could be all you need.

Buy now from Leisure Lakes for £12.99

SP Connect Road Bike Bundle

An out-front style mount for your phone. Similar in style to the fixings most roadies use for their bike computer, the SP Connect system is significantly less geeky than many cases we’ve seen.

Of course, you pay a premium for this, but the overall quality justifies it. With the mount sitting proud of the bar, the matching case allows your phone to attach with a 90° twist. An additional weatherproof cover can also be slipped on to keep out the rain when needed.

Not cheap, but not so expensive when considered against the cost of a replacement phone.

Buy now from Sp Connect for £59.99

BTR Silicone Handlebar Mobile Phone Mount

Allowing you to strap your phone to the bike in either portrait or landscape modes, this simple and cheap silicone holster will also work as a stand for your dashboard.

Stretchy enough to fit a range of modern phones, from the iPhone X to the Samsung S9 Plus, the BTR mount requires no tools to fit. Just pull the ladder-style strap through the body of the mount, and the tension holds it securely in place until it’s released.

Buy now from BTR for £19.99

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