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The best bike child seats of 2022

Joseph Delves
19 Feb 2020

A breakdown of the best bike child seats of 2022 along with what to look for before you buy

Want to bring your kids along on the bike? From the age of around nine months, most children will have the necessary strength to support their head, and can therefore travel in a child seat on your bicycle. But which to choose? If you start young you’ll want a more adjustable and secure seat. However, these will be outgrown sooner. Then there’s the choice of front or back mounting.

Both have benefits and drawbacks. Front mounts tend to affect handling less, and let you keep in contact with your child as you ride. On the flip side, they can take up space where your knees would normally go, and have lower maximum weight limits.

Rear-mounted seats can take larger children but can make manoeuvring the bike tricky. Some riders also miss being able to keep an eye on their child, while others prefer having a clear view of what’s upcoming.

Finally, some bikes work better than others with child seats. Avoid road bikes with narrow tyres and drop handlebars, and bear in mind that carbon and lightweight aluminium don’t like having things clamped to them.

Better to go for something more robust, with broad tyres, easily accessible brake levers, and an upright position. Step-through frames can be a real benefit for both men and women when using a child seat, so consider this when choosing a bike.

A final consideration is whether to go with a child seat or a follow-along trailer. Seats fitted to the bike have the advantage of keeping your child within earshot. Trailers will increase your combined length, but are very stable, easy to load and unload, and won’t affect handling. Plus they can often accommodate two children and are rated to carry larger maximum loads. 

Not a sector catered to by a huge number of brands, our list sticks to tried and tested names, with some getting multiple mentions.

The best bike child seats

1. Topeak Baby seat II (including rack)

Topeak’s baby seat slides straight onto the brand’s MTX QuickTrack system racks for a rigid fit. With options to fit bikes with disc brakes or conventional stoppers, when the seat is removed the rack is free for normal use with panniers.

The seat itself features adjustable footrests and a rollercoaster-style roll bar for a fit that’s both secure and adjustable. Adding in comfort are dual suspension springs beneath the seat itself. The result is a reassuringly flex-free system for the rider, yet remains comfy for your child.

2. Thule Yepp Maxi

The quality manufacture and sleek design of this seat belie its relatively low cost. This standard version fits to the bike’s frame via a robust pair of spars, (with a rack mount also available). A little fiddly to fit, once in position, the Maxi’s spars are far less flexible than other designs of this type.

Clipping into them via a quick-release mechanism is the seat itself. Made in one piece from shock absorbing material, it seems very comfortable. With adjustable footrests, but without the ability to recline, the Maxi is good for larger children and designed to hold kids up to six years old or 22kg. All in, a robust and good looking option.

Read our full review: Thule Yepp Maxi bike seat review

3. Hamax Siesta

The Siesta is ideal for snoozing kids thanks to its ability to recline. It’s a quality that also makes it suited to younger children, who benefit from a less upright position when being carried.

Employing the standard Hamax fitting system, this sees a fixing block permanently attached to the bike’s seat tube. Cheap to buy as a spare, this makes it good for swapping between multiple bikes. The spars that support the seat then clip into this block.

While the fit itself is totally secure, the tendency of the seat to sway slightly can be disconcerting. Although, on the plus side, this degree of flex means your child won’t be disturbed by any bumps in the road.

4. Decathlon Polisport Guppy Mini Front

This front mount seat fits to the headtube of your bicycle. Like all front mounts, it’s suited to young children and features a 15kg weight limit. With a three-point harness and adjustable footrests, it’ll both keep your child secure, and stop them thrashing about.

With the weight centred within the frame, the bike’s handling is only minimally affected by its addition, although you might find your knees short of room. Allowing your child to pop their hands on the handlebar, and the pair of you to stay in easy contact, it’s a popular option with parents. However, be aware your child will probably only get a year or two’s use out of the seat before outgrowing it.

5. Thule RideAlong Mini Front

One of the slickest front mount child seats you can buy. The RideAlong features an uber-secure five-point harness and an integrated handlebar that sits between their legs. Again suited to smaller riders, it shares the same 15kg weight limit as the option from Decathlon above.

Attaching to a quill stem, or the bike’s steerer tube, the seat itself turns with the bars. You’ll be taking away space where your knees once went, but overall the effect on the bike’s handling is pleasingly small. Once its bracket is attached the seat feels rock solid, yet remains quick to clip on and off.

6. BoBike Exclusive Tour

With its unique body wrapping design, the Exclusive Tour promises enhanced safety in the event of a spill. Featuring a high and adjustable headrest that wraps around the rider, an easily tightened harness and footrests combine to keep everything secure.

Attaching to most racks via a near-universal interface plate (included), removal and fitting of the chair is fairly straightforward. It’s a design that results in a flex-free combination to reduce any fish-tailing sensation when riding. Alternatively, a spar-type mounting set is available separately.

Separately from the Exclusive Tour, if you want to carry older children up to 35kg, it’s worth checking out BoBike’s Classic Junior model.

7. Hamax Amaze Light 

The Hamax Amaze child seat attaches to your bikes rear wheel and can be fitted without a rear rack. The free hanging steel bar offers natural suspension for your sprog and the 12-degree recline angle also allows them to lean back and enjoy the ride.

Importantly, the harness, buckles and fortress are all one-hand operational, to ease the juggling act of getting the kid strapped in. Additionally, the entire seat is attached via a quick-release system that removes the seat instantly when needed.

Buy now from Evans Cycles for £109.99

8. Thule Yepp Mini Front

The same soft-to-the-touch construction as Yepp’s rear seat, but made miniature for the move up front. Providing your child with their own handlebar to keep ahold of, the cool looking Yepp will suit rad dads and style-conscious mums.

Comfy and easy to clean, its self-contained design is a cut above, plus it won’t get waterlogged. Available in a range of bright colours, matching it to your bike is easy. Easy to fit, spare adaptors for extra bikes are only £10, while a windscreen and super-cute Miffy pad set that allows your child to rest their sleeping head are also available.

9. Urban Iki rear seat

Urban Iki isn’t perhaps a brand you’ve heard of yet but the sleek design of its front and rear seats are beginning to develop a solid reputation, having won several design awards in the last couple of years. Urban Iki is a Japanese conceived, Dutch based brand which says it aims to deliver safe, robust seats that fit cleanly onto a wide range of bikes.

Urban Iki claims its rear seat fits to a rack in under five minutes and using its ‘Click & Go’ system it can be removed in seconds once the base has been installed. The seat’s five-point safety harness and shielded stirrups can be adjusted to fit a child quickly and without tools, which should be helpful if your little one is choosing to not be patient.

The seat notably comes in a wide range of tasteful colours, making the seat look decidedly more premium than its price would suggest.