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Best roller skates: quads, inline skates and heelys

Cyclist magazine
2 Feb 2021

Ultimate guide for buying roller skates for adults and kids

Thanks to the combination of lockdowns, nostalgia and social media, roller skating is going through a deserved boom. With that there have been worldwide shortages of skates, so here's a few you can get your hands on if you want to join the fun.

Best roller skates

No Fear Figure ladies roller skates | £25.99

Sleek, effective and affordable, these No Fear skates will make you look like Torvill and Dean minus the ice.

Perfect for matching with any outfit while still getting comfort and quality.

Buy the No Fear Figure ladies roller skates from Sports Direct now

Impala inline roller skates | £120

These bad boys are straight from the '80s and a top choice for anyone preferring the old blades.

There are other colours available on the website however this is undoubtedly the nicest and they're also vegan and easy to clean. Win win.

Buy the Impala inline roller skates from Urban Outfitters now

Moxi Rainbow Rider quad roller skates | £99.95

These Moxi quad skates look, quite frankly, superb.

Designed for beginners looking for high levels of comfort and suppport, they're recreational so no skate parks but apparently they feel 'like you're gliding along rainbows', which is nice.

Buy the Moxi Rainbow Rider quad skates from Kates Skates now

Impala quad roller skates | £89

These are the quad version of those blue inline skates from Impala, equally retro they're understated yet very cool.

Also vegan, these 'midnight navy' skates are aesthetically versatile, high quality and they wipe clean.

Buy the Impala quad roller skates from Urban Outfitters now

No Fear inline skates | £23

These roller blades are built for affordable, comfortable and secure skating.

They've got two adjustable push lock straps, a cushioned insole and padded foot sock (which is also removable).

Buy the No Fear inline skates from Sports Direct now

Chaya Roller Derby quad skates | £119.99

Now we don't condone violence, however when done properly roller derby is captivating to say the least.

These skates are made for the track and have extra protection for the toes in case of falling. 

Buy the Chaya Roller Derby quad skates from Decathlon now

Rio Roller Mayhem quad roller skates | £64.95

The Rio Roller Mayhem skates are entry-level derby skates with high quality heel support and a reinforced ankle strap.

They're semi soft, so comfortable to wear but have a high-impact chassis and aluminium trucks.

Buy the Rio Roller Mayhem quad skates from Kates Skates now

Heelys Voyager adult heely shoes | £64.95

Yes these are adult Heelys, yes Heelys are the most underrated transport system behind the bike and yes we are fully behind the Heelyssance when it inevitably arrives.

They look like pretty normal canvas shoes but have a wheel under the heel for smooth walk-skate transitions.

Buy the Heelys Voyager adult heely shoes from Kates Skates now

Heelys Pro 20 Chupa Chups kids heely shoes| £54.95

Most kids weren't born when Heelys first came to prominence but we can't see any reason why it wouldn't be any child's dream now – especially with more time at home.

These ones have a sensational Chupa Chups design that we wish were available in adult sizes.

Buy the Heelys Pro 20 Chupa Chups kids heely shoes from Kates Skates now

Best roller skating helmets and protection

SFR Essentals Triple Pad Set | £15

The dream set up for a beginner, this set with padded knee, elbow and wrist guards will help minimise the impact when you fall and have soft linings so they're comfortable to wear too.

Buy the SFR Essentials Triple Pad Set from John Lewis now

Triple 8 Dual Certified helmet | £34.95

This classic style helmet has certified protection with an ABS Outer Shell with an EPS liner and padded inserts.

Built to keep you safe while keeping your head cool and comfy.

Buy the Triple 8 Dual Certified helmet from Kates Skates now

Rekd RKD590 Junior heavy duty triple pad set | £21.95

These heavy duty pads are built to keep your kids as safe as possible when they skate.

The impact caps are hard-wearing with all-round wrist protection and elasticated velcro straps. They're also fitted with an elasticated sock to increase comfort and keep them ventilated.

Buy the Rekd RKD590 Heavy Duty Junior triple pad set from Kates Skates now

California Pro Blue kids' helmet | £17.95

Certified to EN1078 helmet safety standards, this kids' helmet will help keep your children safe while skating and give you peace of mind.

Buy the California Pro Blue kids helmet from Kates Skates now

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