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Castelli Endurance X2 review

Castelli Endurance X2 review
14 Sep 2015

Endurance by name, endurance by nature? Castelli’s Endurance X2s are great shorts as long as you keep it under 100 miles.

Cyclist Rating: 
Comfortable cut
Pad a little thin

Despite what the name might make you think, the Castelli Endurance X2 shorts go easy on the padding. We’re big fans of the Progetto X2 chamois, which wears its technical features lightly thanks to what its makers dub ‘infinitely variable thickness’. In practice, this means that while there are different amounts of padding for different areas of your undercarriage, you’d be hard pressed to detect the edges between them.

The entire design brief for the shorts was to create the most comfortable shorts they could, which for Castelli means making everything a little less race focused. The straps are less rigidly structured than those on Castelli’s most expensive shorts, and while this leaves them more prone to twisting, they’re soft and comfortable. The Giro3 leg grippers, with subtle reflective detailing, were our favourites from the grouptest, staying secure without being too tight or irritating our mildly stubbly thighs. 

Unusually for Castelli, we didn’t have to size up on this pair but the legs are quite a slim fit so we’d recommend going to a shop to try them on first. The fabric wicked well and never became overloaded with sweat although the mercury didn’t exactly peak during the test period.

Despite the Endurance name, we found the pad a little on the thin side – for rides up to 60 or so miles the shorts were excellent but on the odd occasion we ventured out on 100+ mile routes we were uncomfortable. Our only real complaint after a few washes is that the heat-transferred logos have started to crack and look a bit tatty, but that could well be our fault for not washing them properly. 

Pad – 8/10

Cut – 9/10

Features – 9/10



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