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Castelli Entrata Wind bibtights review

23 Mar 2021

Warm, comfortable and windproof bibtights ideal for late winter and early spring. Photos: Castelli

Cyclist Rating: 
Warm • Soft-touch • Great chamois • Good high waist • Weatherproofing • Snugly zipped ankle cuffs
Far from lightweight • Chunky seams

The Castelli Entrata bibtights represent a rarity in the world of full-length leg coverings: they’re probably the only tights you’ll need from October to April. Designed for use in temperatures ranging from sub-zero (-2°C to be exact) to +6°C, they’re slap bang in the zone for the wintry rides we ‘enjoyed’ back in the first half of February 2021.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve worn a more effective wind shield on my legs. But, like all good pairs of bibtights, it’s not just the legs that are taken care of…

Comfort zone

Bibtights often stand or fall on the strength of their overall proposition; it’s no use having insulated legs if the body of the bibs isn’t breathable, or the straps feel like lengths of cheese-wire.

Thankfully, the Castelli Entrata bibtights have comfort taken care of, with a satisfactorily high, fleece-backed waist band to keep the core warm and stomach flattened.

Mesh material used for the bibs and the upper portion of the back section allows heat to escape, but given the intended temperature range for usage of these tights, Castelli has opted for fleece lining almost all the way up your back.

In June, you’d be a fool to don these; in February, their cosseting warmth is a blessing. Castelli even admits the tights are designed for ‘maximum warmth while keeping everything else quite simple.’

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Split personality

The legs are a game of two halves: the forward-facing portion is covered with fleece-backed AirFlex Thermo fabric, which features a stretchy polyurethane membrane to keep the wind at bay.

The rear of the legs is constructed from the Castelli Nano Flex fabric many of us will be familiar with – it beads water off the surface, providing a water-repellent barrier to road spray. Of course, this rear-facing fabric is also windproof.

The comfy chair

I’m a fan of the Kiss Air2 chamois which Castelli has used in the Entrata bibtights. Some pads can feel like a saturated nappy (not that I regularly wear them, of course, but you catch my drift…), but the Castelli contact point between saddle and rider’s rump is surprisingly thin and even more surprisingly comfortable.

Dual-density foam effectively varies in thickness according to your movements, and I never felt like I needed more protection.

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Little things mean a lot

While the weatherproofing qualities of the Castelli Entrata bibtights are not in question, these tights do drop a half point for their chunky internal seams, especially those joining the fleecy material on the inner of the legs. Those imprints will still be there on your legs long after the hot post-ride bath!

However, on the flipside, there are details that are spot-on, such as the snug ankle cuffs, easily fastened via a locking zipper and replete with reflective strips at the rear. And crucially, when you peruse the market for foul weather-suitable alternatives, you’ll soon realise that £150 is by no means a stretch when it comes to cold climes bibtights.

Whether the 306g weight of a pair of size S Entrata tights will bother you is a matter of personal taste; I’d probably take warmth and comfort over high performance in late winter and early spring…


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