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New Colnago CLX: 10 reasons you'll love this bike

Joseph Delves
24 Nov 2015

Born of pure Italian flair and over 60 years' racing pedigree, meet the all-new Colnago CLX.

1. It’s beautiful! Just look at it. As well as this stunning high-gloss black version, it also comes in a gorgeous white that’s bound to draw longing looks.

2. It’s high-tech! Although the CLX is Colnago’s ‘entry level’ model, it shares many features with the Italian brand’s high-end bikes – the ThreadFit82.5 durable bottom bracket system, for example, is the same one used in the classic C60 series.

Colnago CLX Ultegra bottom bracket

3. It’ll make you a beast in the saddle! Square chainstays promise greater stiffness and thus make pedalling more efficient, so you should see your more of your power transfer to the road.

4. It comes in your size! It’s available in eight frame sizes (42-58cm), so finding a perfect fit is (almost) a given, whether you’re tinier than Quintana or lankier than Wiggo.

5. It’s built for speed! Sharing the frame geometry of the thoroughbred pro-level VI-r, and designed to be stiff in all the right places for maximum power transfer, this is a genuine speed machine. 

Colnago CLX Ultegra frame

6. It’s Super light! Being carbon fibre throughout, even down to the dropouts, helps the frame break the magic 1kg mark at a claimed 950g. 

7. It’s comfortable! The narrow 27.2mm seatpost is a nod to endurance riders who’ll benefit from the added comfort.

8. It’s race ready! The frame is UCI approved for road racing. So get out there and race on it!

Colnago CLX Ultegra cable stops

9. It’s adaptable! It’s compatible with electronic groupsets, so ripe for an upgrade when your numbers come up on the lottery. 

10. It’s endorsed by God! Well, sort of. Ernesto Colnago himself made and presented a Colnago bike to Pope John Paul II in 1979 so we reckon this is one bike that’d get a thumbs-up from the big fella upstairs!

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