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Garmin offers Virb XE cycling bundle

Garmin Virb XE cycling bundle
Jordan Gibbons
17 Aug 2015

The new cycling bundle includes a Garmin Virb XE camera plus SD card, tube mounts, a vented helmet strap and the EDGE combo mount.

We’re rather privileged as cyclists that Garmin has chosen to offer us two products. While the snowboarders, surfers and trombonists have to put up with just a VIRB camera, we also get the Edge range of bike computers too. Sadly we’re also limited by space in which to attach these items but thankfully Garmin has us covered there too with the new Virb XE cycling bundle.

The new Virb XE cycling bundle includes the standard XE package (sticky mounts, batteries, adaptors etc.) plus a microSD card, small and large tube mounts, a vented helmet strap and the new cycling combo mount. The combo mount is a Garmin Edge mount on the top, with a Virb mount on the bottom. All you do is mount the Virb XE upside down beneath the Edge unit and the camera automatically rotates the video back the right way round.

Garmin Virb XE cycling bundle mount

It’s particularly neat as you can use an Edge as a remote control for the Virb XE, as long as you’re using the latest firmware. Simply connect the Virb with the Edge via ANT+ and you can start and stop recording using the Edge display without taking too much attention from what is going on ahead of you.

The Virb XE cycling bundle is priced at £349.99, which is only £30 more than the standard pack. If you consider that the mount alone is £30, we think that the cycling bundle is a bargain.

We’re getting one in, so look out for a review soon.

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