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Giro Savant MIPS helmet first look

Giro Savant MIPS preview
17 Apr 2015

Entry level helmet carrying next level safety features in a great looking package.

Helmets are changing. For a long time you had to spend over £100 to find something that looked good, and safety wasn’t a selling point as such – cheap and expensive helmets had all passed the same tests. So it’s interesting to see new lids such as the Giro Savant Mips hitting the shelves.

At £90, it’s not hugely expensive when pegged against the rest of the helmet market and it looks great – some years ago, there was a suspicion that helmet brands purposely made mid-range helmets uglier to encourage riders into more expensive models, but that’s not an accusation we could make here. The Savant has a sleek, modern look, and all the comfort we’ve come to expect of high-end products.

What’s more, safety is a real selling point, with the independently designed MIPS (Multi-directional Impact System) built in. Most helmets are pretty basic affairs relying purely on the polystyrene shell to slow your brain down enough that it doesn’t crash into the inside of your head. Compared to the technology found in modern £150 motorcycle helmets some high end helmets seem like a bit of a raw deal. This integrated MIPS low-friction helmet liner built into the Savant helps protect the brain from twisting injuries by allowing the outer part of the helmet to move independently of the wearer’s head during the first brief moments of impact.

Does it work? Helmets are one of those things you’d prefer never to need to call upon in real life, but according to John Thomson of Scott sports, another brand offering MIPS helmets, MIPS reduces rotational violence by 34 per cent, without affecting its ability to withstand traditional drop forces.

With the Savant looking so good and potentially being safer than a normal helmet, we’re inclined to give it the heartiest of recommendations. Look out for a full review soon.

Price: £90

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