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Giro Synthe review

giro synthe
6 May 2015

Great aero helmet you could wear everyday but it can get a little warm.

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The Giro Synthe ‘synthesises’ (get it?) all the work Giro have put into their latest helmets over the last few years. Giro set the world alight when they launched the Air Attack a few years ago and are building on that success with the Synthe. We spoke to Giro’s UK brand manager about the difference between the two models:

‘It’s important to note that the Air Attack is faster than the Synthe when the rider drops their head… So if you are a sprinter, triathlete, crit racer or a track cyclist, and you drop your head, then the Air Attack is still the helmet of choice… The Synthe is more aero in a wider variety of head angles. [It’s] a more versatile helmet that could, for example, be worn on every ‘road’ stage of the Tour de France.’

giro synthe helmet

It’s virtually impossible for us to substantiate the aerodynamic claims put forward by Giro but we can talk about the comfort. Giro have virtually eliminated all the padding from inside the Synthe, save for a small strip at the front to keep sweat out of your eyes, instead preferring to use a cradle. The advantage of this is that it allows for a nice gap between your head and the helmet shell to allow air to circulate. Out on the road this did make a difference at the sides, we could really feel the cool air moving through our hair, although in the front centre of the head quickly got hot.

giro synthe review

The retention system is nice, although we thought the wheel was a bit flimsy, and the chinstrap is easily adjusted. You can adjust the height but there are only two options and it’s a pain to do which is disappointing. Overall though it’s good helmet but we’d opt for something with better ventilation when the mercury really rises.




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