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GoPro Hero 4 Silver review

GoPro Hero 4 Silver case
21 Apr 2018

GoPro pretty much invented the action cam market and their latest Hero 4 doesn’t miss a beat thanks to the in built touch screen.

Cyclist Rating: 
Highest frame rate of the action cameras, removable battery
Fragile outside of the case

Pictures or it didn’t happen. The latest action cameras can capture your ride in ultra high definition, and the GoPro Hero 4 is no exception, making it easier and cheaper than ever to recreate your very own Sunday In Hell but as smart phones become more prevalent, and the cameras get better, is it worth the extra over the lens already in your pocket?

Last year saw bike-mounted cameras allowed in the pro peloton for the first time, giving TV viewers an insight into the frenetic and knockabout experience of riding in a bunch at over 50kmh. While your average Sunday ride might be a tad more sedate, many riders still enjoy recording their exploits, helping drive the boom in action cameras. Perfect for documenting holidays and expeditions, these miniaturised cameras are rugged enough to endure a rough and tumble existence. Being waterproof and shockproof, they’ll survive the elements and are less likely to sustain damage in a crash than a soft and fleshy cyclist. Modern recording technology means despite their diminutive appearance, the best can capture footage of a resolution that wouldn’t look out of place on a cinema screen. You can even stick them on drones now…

Image Quality

GoPro’s Hero4 Silver is its first camera to feature an integrated screen, making framing your shots and navigating its myriad functions far easier than on previous incarnations. Technically it isn’t the top-end model: the screenless ‘Black’ edition boasts a higher frame rate, capturing 4K cinema-quality footage at 30 frames per second. While this will excite nerds, if ‘4K/30fps’ means nothing to you, you’ll likely be better served by this cheaper, user-friendlier ‘Silver’ edition.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver screen

Image quality is still exceptional and you’ll retain the ability to shoot in super smooth slow-mo and experiment with creative features such as time-lapse and night shooting modes.

Still photography is excellent, with the camera producing great-looking 12-megapixel shots, while the burst feature readily captures action sequences with the ability to shoot up to 10 frames a second. Superb imaging and enhanced ease of use make the GoPro the prefect companion on any expedition, while advanced users will still find plenty of sophisticated features to play with.

Remote & App

Using the Hero 4 Silver is incredibly easy. There are a few big buttons to cover the basics on the outside such as turning it on and shooting, with further options accessed via the touch screen at the rear. If you want to put it somewhere out of reach you can get a dedicated remote to control it or they also have an app available.

Accessories & Mounts

Spending most of its working life encased within the supplied waterproof housing, GoPro benefits from the widest range of third-party accessories, covering every conceivable photographic and sports application, from drones to suction mounts, and even chest mounts. It’s worth noting that outside of the case the cameras are just as fragile as regular cameras, a friend of ours dropped theirs from waist height whilst changing the battery and cracked the lens.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera


Battery life is good on the whole although using the rear screen does significantly reduce the life. There’s always the option to rely solely on the familiar LCD screen and spare batteries are available at a reasonable price.

GoPro Studio

You don’t have to be a editing whizz either to make some great videos. The GoPro Studio software has been specifically designed to make editing GoPro footage a cinch. It’s available for Mac & Windows and is very user friendly. Although the file formats are standard, so if you do already have video software you prefer you can usually just import straight into that.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver
Frame Rate 2.7k/30fps
Still Images 12 MP
Phone App Yes

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