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Cyclist Magazine Podcast Episode 43 - Pete Kennaugh has come full circle

Cyclist magazine
11 Nov 2021

Pete Kennaugh opens up about early retirement, his mental battles and coming to terms with the bike

In 2019, Olympic gold medalist and two-time British National Champion Pete Kennaugh retired from the sport of cycling aged 29.

Once tipped as the 'next big thing' in British cycling, Kennaugh found himself no longer driven to ride a bike and, after years of inner conflict, decided to close the pro racing chapter of his life.

Three years on and Kennaugh is beginning to open up on why this happened, and how he confronted his inner demons.

Joe joins Pete at a central London hotel to talk about his career, retirement, honesty and his latest film with Wahoo, Frontiers.

Watch the Frontiers video below:

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Here is the picture of the savaloy wellington that gave Joe terrible hearburn...

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