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Cyclist Magazine Podcast Episode 44 – Fiona Kolbinger is a special bike rider

Joe and Emma talk to ultra-cyclist Fiona Kolbinger about Transcon, becoming a doctor and chocolate bars

Joe Robinson
25 Nov 2021

Ultra-cyclist Fiona Kolbinger is a special bike rider. The 26-year-old became the first female winner of the Transcontinental Race in 2019, winning in a time of 10 days 2 hours and 48 minutes, 10 hours better than the second placed rider. All the while, she's also training to become an oncologist too.

In the latest instalment of the Cyclist Magazine Podcast, we also found out that she's inspiring, honest and very funny. There are some top notch stories from knowing a human's limit to sleeping in supermarket loading bays.

We also welcome on board a new co-host for this week, Emma Cole. Everybody say hello.

Interview starts at 9:08.

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