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Cyclist’s turbo trainer playlist #4: 25 eclectic tunes to accompany your indoor training

Emma Cole
15 Dec 2021

Your go-to tunes for a cracking turbo session, from Russian rap to reggaeton

Depending on which side of the bed I wake up on, the idea of a turbo trainer workout can conjure up all sorts of dread, but with the right music, anything is possible.

In my case this means channelling the various eclectic sounds I've heard whilst wandering around the world and transporting myself somewhere vastly more exciting than the four walls of my overpriced London room.

This 25-song playlist is an hour 40 minutes, with a warmup and cool down included, and a bucket load of bangers to get you moving, and perhaps even dancing like those in the video below. 

There is no way better to ease into a turbo session than with the French hip-hop duo from Toulouse, Big Flo & Oli.

These guys have taken the world by storm and even have a Netflix documentary about them.

Just imagine your name in lights.

French rapper SoSo Maness also makes an appearance with a song all about himself as does Aya Nakamura, the French-Malian singer who may well be one of my favourite artists ever.

When I did an Erasmus exchange in Martinique, a beautiful Caribbean Island which also happens to be a French département d’Outre Mer, Nakamura was on repeat in all the clubs, radio stations, and soon enough my head.

And rightly so, her level of sass is outstanding and her ability to combine afrobeats, R&B and zouk (if you know you know).

Throw in the jazzy, dulcet tones of Parov Stelar, the motivational choral sounds of House Gospel Choir and German DJ Alle Farben's remix of Billy Lockett's Feels So Good and this playlist has something for everyone.

It would be wrong of me not to include a Russian twist in this Cole-tastic compilation, whether that be the ab workout or the musical type.

Russian rap duo MiyaGi & Endspiel pack a punch as does Dima Bilan with his song about lightening. Fun fact, Bilan represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, not that I watched it.

'Russia's Drake' FedUK also features with his 2017 banger Розовое вино, which mixes Russian pop and soviet-era vibes with UK garage and a smidge of hip-hop. It is essentially an ode to rosé wine, he's a man after my own heart.

The cool down features Darkiel, Shaggy and Maffio who will remind you how great you feel after a tough session with the uplifting reggaeton track Me Sento Bien (I feel good).

And how else to end a turbo session than with a tribute to the Tour de France?

Joe Dassin’s classic Champs-Elysées is the perfect finishing track. Imagine riding down the picture postcard avenue à la Mark Cavendish drenched in winner's glory (or sweat).

Cyclist editorial assistant Emma Cole's turbo trainer playlist 

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