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5 weird and wonderful things from Eurobike 2022

15 Jul 2022

Weird and wonderful gear is part of cycling’s rich tapestry, where boldness shines and anything goes.

From bike store concepts to mustard single-speeds and disco helmets, there were many tantilising designs on display at Eurobike 2022, the bike industry’s biggest trade show. 

Here is a celebration of the left-field bits of bike tech on display that really made our eyes pop. Enjoy.

1. The Ruffian

The Ruffian is the perfect bike for cruising down Ocean Drive in Miami, at least that is where I picture myself on it.

It does look like quite a beast so not a bike for the faint-hearted. 

Pictured here in Indian red, the Ruffian features a Ruff Cycles Z-Dragbar handlebar and is powered by a Bosch drive unit with a 500Wh battery.

2. Melon disco ball helmet

An absolute beauty in terms of weird and wacky, but also a hot accessory for disco nights, trendy bike rides and just general wear for East Londoners.

Much to my disappointment, you can’t actually buy this helmet but as we all know… le Freak, c’est Chic.

Oh, and yes, Melon also has other styles including this floral antler version as modelled by yours truly.

3. Temple Cycles Classic Single speed

Ok so this bike isn’t super weird, but it is a limited-edition mustard coloured single speed.

Anything mustard deserves some sort of mention, but particularly because this is a hand-built creation from Bristol-based brand Temple Cycles.

Made from Reynolds steel, the bikes are made to order and also come in slate blue, lichen green and thistle.

4. A bike shop concept

It isn’t every day you think about the layout of a bike store, but it's a different story for German shop fitter Gerhard König GmbH.

A beautifully curated imagining of the most innovative way to present a bike shop.

5. Johnny Loco E-Cargo Cruiser 5.2

This is the newest e-cargo bike designed and made by Amsterdam-based Johnny Loco, and I think it is wonderful. 

It weighs 48kg (including battery), features Shimano Nexus 5-speed gears and front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

It also comes in three stunning colours: earl grey (pictured), Brighton and Dutch delight. The latter being very apt.