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Best cycling Instagram accounts

Cyclist magazine
12 Jun 2020

Our roundup of the best Instagram accounts to follow as a road cyclist, from gear, to riding shots, and the pro scene.

If you've opened this article to read then the chances are you're already one of the hundreds of millions of people on Instagram using that overdeveloped scrolling thumb to harvest the infinite supply of cycling photographic artistry.

It really is the go-to place for a hit of bike-related visual sustenance, be it in the form of #bikeporn, #roadporn or a dose of #kitspiration. But if you're in need of more squares to double-tap, try giving these accounts a follow.

The best cycling Instagram accounts 


Well, did you really expect us not to plug our own Instagram page? It is excellent, after all.

From the highest peaks of the Alps to previous Monument champions, our very own page is a walk through what we do here at Cyclist on a daily basis. 

Cyclist Off Road

We also do off-roading now...


Kristof Ramon

'procycling photographer I am. welcome to my world.'

Just 'wow' Wout. WOW!@woutvanaert

A post shared by Kristof Ramon (@kramon_velophoto) on

Mikel Landa

Who knew that Mikel Landa was the funniest man in professional cycling? Well, we did, that's why we included him in this list. #freeLanda.

Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig

The funniest female pro cyclist in the world, meanwhile, is a Dane, Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig.


'The latest & greatest in cycling fashion trends.'

Cycling of the 90s

Because Hooch, Baddiel and Skinner, Britpop, Euro 96, Tamagotchis, New Labour, Jan Ullrich and X-Files. That's why.

The Radavist

'A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors.'

The Grubers

Jered: 'Riding bikes and taking pictures'

Likewise Ashley

Shifter Bikes

A Melbourne-based mechanic/magician. His thing is taking people's bike, building it up from scratch, tidying up the cables and making them look super neat. We promise it looks a million times better than it sounds.

Kei Tsuji

Asian-based, but roaming, cycling photographer.

%u25AA%uFE0E%u30C4%u30FC%u30EB%u5199%u771F%u30D1%u30CD%u30EB%u8CA9%u58F2%u306B%u3064%u3044%u3066 . TDF photo panel sales start in Japan. . %u7B2C105%u56DE%u30C4%u30FC%u30EB%u30FB%u30C9%u30FB%u30D5%u30E9%u30F3%u30B9%u3067%u64AE%u5F71%u3057%u305F%u7D0416,000%u679A%u306E%u5199%u771F%u306E%u4E2D%u304B%u3089%u30BB%u30EC%u30AF%u30C8%u3057%u305F10%u679A%u3092%u6728%u88FD%u30D1%u30CD%u30EB%u5F62%u5F0F%u3067%u8CA9%u58F2%u3057%u307E%u3059%u3002%u6CE8%u6587%u671F%u9593%u306F%u8A2D%u3051%u307E%u305B%u3093%u304C%u30018%u670824%uFF08%u91D1%uFF09%u307E%u3067%u306B%u3054%u6CE8%u6587%u3044%u305F%u3060%u3051%u308C%u3070%u3001%u6B21%u306E%u6D77%u5916%u53D6%u6750%u524D%u306E9%u67087%u65E5%uFF08%u91D1%uFF09%u307E%u3067%u306B%u304A%u5C4A%u3051%u3057%u307E%u3059%u3002 . %u30B5%u30A4%u30BA%u306FA2%u3068A3%u306E2%u7A2E%u985E%u3002%u30B5%u30F3%u30D7%u30EB%u5B8C%u6210%u304C%u9045%u308C%u3066%u3044%u308B%u305F%u3081%u3001%u30D1%u30CD%u30EB%u306E%u96F0%u56F2%u6C17%u306F%u904E%u53BB%u306E%u6295%u7A3F%u3092%u53C2%u8003%u306B%u3057%u3066%u3044%u305F%u3060%u3051%u308C%u3070%u3068%u601D%u3044%u307E%u3059%u3002 . %u307E%u305F%u30016%u6708%u306B%u767A%u8868%u3057%u305F%u30B8%u30ED%u306E%u5199%u771F%u306E%u6CE8%u6587%u3082%u53D7%u3051%u4ED8%u3051%u3066%u3044%u307E%u3059%u3002%u305D%u306E%u4ED6%u300C%u4ECA%u56DE%u306E%u30BB%u30EC%u30AF%u30C8%u306B%u306F%u306A%u3044%u3051%u3069%u3001%u3069%u3046%u3057%u3066%u3082%u3053%u306E%u5199%u771F%u306E%u30D1%u30CD%u30EB%u304C%u6B32%u3057%u3044%u300D%u7B49%u306E%u30EA%u30AF%u30A8%u30B9%u30C8%u304C%u3042%u308C%u3070%u76F8%u8AC7%u306B%u4E57%u308A%u307E%u3059%u3002 . %u3010%u8CA9%u58F2%u5199%u771F%u3011%u203B%u6DFB%u4ED8%u5199%u771F%u3092%u3054%u89A7%u304F%u3060%u3055%u3044 A_DESCENT B_FLAGS C_VANDEE D_EGLISE E_SPRINT F_COLOMBIERE G_CORNER H_PORTET I_THOMAS J_PARIS . %u3010%u30B5%u30A4%u30BA/%u30D5%u30A9%u30FC%u30DE%u30C3%u30C8/%u8CA9%u58F2%u984D%u3011 A2%u6728%u88FD%u30D1%u30CD%u30EB%uFF08594mm x 420mm%uFF0930,000%u5186 %u203B%u9001%u6599%u8FBC A3%u6728%u88FD%u30D1%u30CD%u30EB%uFF08420mm x 297mm%uFF0919,000%u5186 %u203B%u9001%u6599%u8FBC . %u3010%u652F%u6255%u3044%u65B9%u6CD5%u3011 %u9280%u884C%u632F%u308A%u8FBC%u307F %u203B%u624B%u6570%u6599%u306F%u3054%u8CA0%u62C5%u3044%u305F%u3060%u304D%u307E%u3059 . %u3010%u6CE8%u6587%u65B9%u6CD5%u3011 %u4EF6%u540D%u306B%u300C%u5199%u771F%u30D5%u30EC%u30FC%u30E0%u8CFC%u5165%u5E0C%u671B%u300D%u3068%u660E%u8A18%u306E%u4E0A%u3001%u4EE5%u4E0B%u306E%u5185%u5BB9%u3092%u308F%u305F%u304F%u3057%u8FBB%u5553%uFF08 %uFF09%u5B9B%u306B%u304A%u9001%u308A%u304F%u3060%u3055%u3044%u3002 1. %u8CFC%u5165%u5199%u771F%uFF08A%u301C%u307E%u3067%u306E%u4E2D%u304B%u3089%u9078%u629E%uFF09%u3068%u30B5%u30A4%u30BA 2. %u6C0F%u540D 3. %u90F5%u4FBF%u756A%u53F7%uFF06%u4F4F%u6240 4. %u96FB%u8A71%u756A%u53F7 5. %u5E0C%u671B%u914D%u9054%u6642%u9593 . %u6CE8%u6587%u5F8C%u306B%u632F%u8FBC%u5148%u53E3%u5EA7%u3092%u8FD4%u4FE1%u3055%u305B%u3066%u3044%u305F%u3060%u304D%u307E%u3059%u306E%u3067%u3001%u5165%u91D1%u78BA%u8A8D%u5F8C%u306B%u30AA%u30FC%u30C0%u30FC%u78BA%u5B9A%u3068%u3055%u305B%u3066%u3044%u305F%u3060%u304D%u307E%u3059%u3002 . %u8FBB%u5553 / Kei Tsuji

A post shared by Kei Tsuji (@keitsuji) on

Save the rim brake

There's a split among the Cyclist team. Those who have converted to disc brakes and those who have, correctly, stayed loyal to rim brakes. While we are at it, let's bring back those 19mm tubs! 

Slam that stem

Clue is in the title.

Dear @nickarend, I love your bike.

A post shared by Slam That Stem (@slam_that_stem) on

Velo Kick

More shoes than Imelda Marcos, here. Your go-to account if you are obsessed with cycling footwear.

Troll Cyclist

The most lucrative currency on the internet, right now, is memes. I read that somewhere. Or I made it up. Either way, Caleb Evans and Cadel Ewan made us laugh.

Cyclisme Legende

Malcolm, 46, works in securities and investments for one of the 'Big Four'. Invested heavily in the time trial scene a few years back. Was told oval chainrings and aero testing would help him go sub-21 on the Q10/19. PB is still 21.13. 

Cycling Snob

'Road cycling gives us pleasure, inspiration, solace, culture, camaraderie, therapy and adventure'. More side-on pictures of bikes, with the occasional picture of Peter Sagan. You're welcome.

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