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Pick 'n' Mix

James Spender
22 Dec 2016

There's still just about time for that letter to Santa...

Sealskinz Halo All Weather gloves - £50,

‘All Weather’ is a touch misleading for a glove that would turn your hands to hams on a warm day, but the ‘Halo’ in these fully waterproof, super-snug gloves from Sealskinz is entirely warranted.

On the back of each is a set of LEDs, literally on hand to make sure turn signals can be more easily seen in low light.

Powered by two coin cell batteries, they’ll flash for up to 200 hours.

Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition - £24.99,

Since Kickstarter launched in 2009 it has seen nearly £2 billion in pledges for some 327,844 projects.

These include Cage Match, a dating platform that matches people based on their favourite Nicolas Cage films, Fish On Wheels, a fish tank on wheels that can be driven by the fish, and this, Fix It Sticks.

What are Fix It Sticks? They're an ingenious pair of clip-together ‘sticks’ with magnetised ends into which slot a variety of useful tool bits, that's what. 

Wheels Mfg Bottom Bracket Press - £90,

At this time of year, bottom brackets are a lot like central heating – full of water and guaranteed to pack up just when you need them.

So when yours does, there are few tools better at installing shiny new bearings than Wheels Manufacturing’s professional-standard bearing press.

And if yours hasn’t – yet – there are few tools prettier to stare at while you wait for the creaking to start.

Ashmei Neck Gaiter - £33,

It would take 13 Ashmei Gaitors to cover the length of Dominator, the 6.1m super-croc that swims in Australia’s Adelaide River, or indeed 12 for his three-legged veteran nemesis, Brutus (who lost a limb to a bullshark, so the locals say).

Luckily us cyclists are a little smaller, meaning we’ll only need one of these luxurious, snood-style merino windcheaters to keep our necks warm and our pace snappy over the coming months. 

See.Sense Icon+ Light Set - £149.99,

If the See.Sense lights get any smarter they’ll be writing this magazine buy us, buy us, buy us, buy us, buy us.

As it stands they are a few beats off aceing the Turing Test, but they do feature intelligent ambient light sensors to control brightness.

They also sync to an app that will tell you when the lights need charging or if someone’s making off with your bike, and will alert an emergency contact in the event of a crash. Buy us.

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