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Ultimate upgrade: Tune Wasserträger 2.0 bottle cages

Sam Challis
12 Apr 2017

Who looks at the price when precious grams are at stake?

German brand Tune specialises in making the lightest bike components possible, but in the case of its Wasserträger 2.0 cage it actually added some extra weight.

‘Initially we had a cage that was even lighter, around four grams,’ says Harry Czech, international sales manager at the Black Forest company.

‘It basically looked like a figure of eight, just two bands of carbon and aramid polymer crossed over. 

‘Every cage was more or less unique because each was hand-laminated, but the bolt hole drillings were really bad and, to be honest, it was just so ugly,’ he adds.

‘Also if you spilt isotonic drink on it when you put your bidon back in, curiously it somehow reacted with the cage and glued the bottle in it.’

Tune decided to go back to the drawing board to design something more practical. The result was the Wasserträger Uni.

‘This was much more beautiful and the function was much better, but the weight had shot up to 19g,’ says Czech.

The Uni is still offered by Tune because, let’s face it, 19g for a bottle cage is hardly portly, but it is now superseded in the lightweight stakes by the Wasserträger 2.0, which Tune has managed to get down to a mere 9g. 

‘This was our real achievement,’ says Czech. ‘This second redesign has all the functionality and beauty of the Uni, but at a weight approaching that of our original cage.’

Czech explains the production methods that have made it possible to create such a light bottle cage: ‘We use the same method to produce our rims.

'Toray T700 fibre and resin goes in the mould and is pressed with a bladder at about 145psi. Then we bake it and when we extract it, it’s ready – a component that will last a lifetime, straight out of the oven.’

A high-quality cage with such a tiny weight penalty garners the attention of plenty of elite riders. Tune sponsors a number of pro teams and finds their feedback invaluable.

‘Our products go through rigorous real-world testing as a by-product of the sponsorship,’ says Czech.

Ultimately it’s this feedback that’s stopping Tune from going even lighter. Czech says Tune could get the weight down to 7g easily but doing so would start to compromise the durability of the product.

‘It makes no sense to us to make the cage worse for a 2g saving.’

So if opportunities to shed weight from your bike are getting ever more marginal, you might want to consider these.

Bear in mind that, according to a 1901 experiment by Dr Duncan MacDougall, the human soul weighs 21g – that’s a full 3g heavier than a pair of Wasserträger 2.0 bottle cages.

They may be expensive, but at least you won’t have to sell your soul.

Tune Wasserträger 2.0 bottle cages, €50.50 (approx £43) each,

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