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Gallery: New Donhou x Kibosh Racing custom bike

Josh Cunningham
19 Apr 2017

There’s not many team riders that get their hands dirty building their own machines. Those who rider for Kibosh Racing do, however.

Kibosh Racing, a domestic UK team from the South West, have teamed up with custom frame builder Tom Donhour to 'craft a fleet of high speed steel machines'.

But rather than let Donhou build a custom frame for each of the riders himself, Kibosh Racing's recruits traded pedal practice for workshop sessions and lent a hand in building their own team bikes, drilling, mitering and prepping into the night at Donhou's East London workshop. 

'Before we've even stepped astride our bikes, we'll have earnt the closest connection possible with the machines we'll ride and race,' the team said.

The frames are a mix of Columbus HSS and Spirit tubing, which Donhou - for the man himself of course had a large part to play in the building - has purposely chosen to give the bikes both some smoothness and some punch. 

The frames feature an opposed oval teardrop down tube and a heavily ovalised top tube, which combined with wide set stays should give the bikes their race-worthy stiffness. 

A Columbus Futura fork and Ritchey WCS wheels and finishing kit complete the build, while a deep glossy paint job, taking design cues from a certain Marlboro-sponsored F1 McLaren team of the 70's, provides a well-executed finish. 

'As for the team,' Kibosh says, 'you won’t see them warming up on the turbo. They’d rather crash and burn than play safe, hungry for the art of racing, when racing was about guts, not incremental gains… and of course, the cold beer at the finish line.'


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