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Festka Doppler Custom Bicycle
18 Nov 2015

A Czech mate for life.

Festka started as a two-man operation running out of a small garage in Prague in 2010. Five years on, founders Michael Moureček and Ondřej Novotný oversee a team of 15 and produce between 200 and 400 custom frames a year.

‘We couldn’t find the right frame for us, so we decided we’d make our own,’ says Novotný. ‘First we looked at fixed gear bikes [Festka is Czech slang for ‘fixie’], but we always wanted to get into the racing area.’ Those original fixies were steel, but Festka has since added fully loaded carbon and titanium race bikes to the stable, and with the advent of the Doppler (pictured), the company has combined its expertise in both.

‘So often framebuilders get the lugged-carbon thing the wrong way round: titanium lugs, carbon tubes,’ says Moureček. ‘Carbon can be very stiff and titanium is very forgiving, so with the Doppler we used carbon lamination for the tube-to-tube connections – the high-stress areas – and titanium, with its natural damping, for the tubes themselves.’

The result is an unusual yet stunning looking bike, meticulously detailed from the colour-matched components to the ‘Doppler’ sound wave pattern polished into the top tube.

But out on the road it’s the superior ride quality that sets the Doppler apart.

Festka Doppler, €5,299 frameset (approx £3,890), As pictured approx €9,000.

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