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Shand Stoater
23 Nov 2015

An artisan all-rounder from north of the border.

Based in Livingston, near Edinburgh, Shand Cycles has been producing hand-built bikes since 2003, when Steven Shand first decided to turn his hobby into a business. Now with a team of six, Shand creates bikes designed to cope with the singular conditions thrown up by the Scottish climate and terrain, which goes to explain the thinking behind its best-selling Stoater.

Russell Stout, who oversees paint production at Shand, says, ‘We like to say, “It’s not about the bike, it’s about where the bike can take you.” Where we ride, with open access to trails, we’re looking for a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike, with a bit of touring thrown in as well.’ The Stoater is an all-year, all-road bike (Stout likes to call it an ‘adventure bike’).

Made from a mix of Reynolds 853, Columbus and Deda tubing, it can be sprightly in its stripped-down form, but it has clearance for up to 45c tyres and all the necessary mounts for mudguards and racks, so it can be transformed into a workhorse. While stock bikes are available, you can opt for custom geometry and any paintjob you desire, although Stout confesses, ‘We’re not really about the artisan twiddly stuff; we want people to use and abuse these bikes.’

Shand Stoater, complete bikes from £2,545. 

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