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Colourbolt Maximum Black
25 Nov 2015

Masters of understatement with flourishes of class

Many of the creations featured in this supplement originate from someone’s desire to try their own hand at frame building. But the visionary
does not always have to be the artisan. Colourbolt founder Jay Pond-Jones had no initial desire to don a welding mask when he decided to start his own bike brand, so each Colourbolt frame (always a bespoke creation from the ground up) comes as a result of collaboration with carefully chosen craftsmen who turn his ideas into bicycles.

Take this beautifully TIG-welded Maximum Black frame, for which Pond-Jones called upon the handiwork of BTR Fabrications in Somerset to construct the Columbus Max tubeset. It is presented in Colourbolt’s ‘Drenched Black’ finish - a
tough, durable outer layer that may look understated from a distance, but get up close and its softly textured surface gives the
frame a rich, seamless quality.

To the uninitiated the bike may appear unbranded at first glance, but the hallmark of Colourbolt is there if you know where to look. The clue is in the name. A single coloured chainring bolt gives away the bike’s true identity. All Colourbolt builds begin with a full consultation and bike fit session at north London Mosquito bikes.

You can read the review of the Colourbolt Maximum Black here: Colourbolt Maximum Black

Colourbolt Maximum Black, frame from £1,750 (excluding fork), £6,995 (as pictured).

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