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Malcolm Custom Bicycles

Malcolm Race Bike
26 Nov 2015

A race bike for racers, built by a former racer.

Ashley Malcolm says that ‘cycling is in my blood’. Growing up in Australia he became a champion track and road cyclist; in his twenties he was head mechanic for Condor Cycles; and now he builds bike frames from his workshop in Brockley, London.

‘The bikes have to perform before they look good,’ Malcolm says of his approach to frame building, and this bike – despite its elegant lines and lustrous paintjob – is testament to that ethos. It was built for a racer, with the purpose of being raced.

Using Reynolds’ top-end 853 steel tubing to keep it light and stiff, it is constructed with hand-carved lugs, not just because they offer a beautiful, traditional finish, but because ‘a lugged frame rides better’, according to Malcolm.

A neat detail is the polished stainless steel chain holder on the chainstay, which means that when you remove the rear wheel, the chain nestles neatly on the holder rather than dropping down, saving your frame and fingers from greasy marks.

As Malcolm offers a custom service, you can opt for your choice of tubeset, geometry, spec and paintjob, with a full build such as this coming in at around £4,500.

Malcolm race bike, £4,500, as pictured.

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