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Leave your bike at home: Why taking your own bike on holiday isn't necessary

With top-spec bikes on offer and rental companies happy to tweak bikes to suit any rider, there's no need to take your own bike on holiday

Bike boxes and bags are getting better, it's getting less likely that an airline will destroy your pride and joy in transit, but none of this removes the fundamental hassle of packing, transporting and rebuilding your bike twice every holiday. There must be an easier way and, well, there is: just rent one.

What's more, for many of us the bikes on offer may well be better than our own and so the pleasure of riding a WorldTour-spec race machine is an added bonus to our cycling holidays and training camps.

This is certainly the case with bikes rented from Mallorca's Pinarello Experience, which can be found in the cycling hotspot of Port de Pollenca. The seaside town is located in the island's north, within easy reach of the ride to the famous lighthouse at the Cap de Formentor and near the foothills of the stunning Tramuntana mountains.

A room full of Pinarellos

Packed in rows that stretch all the way to the back wall, hundreds of Pinarello race bikes are on-hand to be rented by cyclo-tourists. Visiting in December, very few were out being used which gave a full impression of just how much stock the shop holds.

April is peak season, when almost every bike will be on loan for the famous Mallorca 312 sportive and the following weekends during the best of the weather before summer-proper kicks off and it gets too hot for cycling.

Alongside the bikes is a range of memorabilia from Pinarello's time in the professional peloton, with bikes and jerseys from Sir Bradley Wiggins hanging proudly over the counter.

Out on the road, the Pinarello F10 the Experience lent Cyclist was spot on for some late (or very early?) season riding. Mallorca may not be much warmer than the UK in the weeks immediately before Christmas but in some ways it's all the better for it: quiet roads, zero tourist coaches, few cars except considerate locals and not many cyclists, so much less chance of getting overtaken on the climbs.

It can snow in the Balearics but the chances are much lower than in the mountains of France and Italy, obviously, so training here is rarely hindered by the weather. For those destinations and the epic climbs of the Grand Tours, spring and summer visits are much better suited to a cycling holiday and rental options there can deliver you a top-end bike for taking on the famous cols.

Rent and ride anywhere

The Pinarello Experience, hidden down a side street near Port de Pollenca's waterfront restaurants, is a leading example of bike rental but it's certainly not the only option or only location where this is possible.

From more exclusive arrangements like Rapha Cycle Club's loaning of Canyon bikes to members from a range of clubhouses around the world to small independent bike shops in famous locations such as Alpe d'Huez leasing bikes to any and all, the ease of going on holiday without the hassle of packing and transporting your own bike isn't confined to Mallorca.

For many, the fit and contact points of their own bike will lead to reluctance to ride another – particularly when cycling holidays usually cover much greater distances and elevations than most of us have the time or inclination to ride in a normal week at home.

However, advance contact with the shop can mean the bike is set to your fit, with a saddle to suit, ready for collection – a service offered by Pinerallo on Mallorca.

For your next trip abroad, consider scoping out the bike rental options – you might just find that trip to the airport that bit easier without a bike in tow.

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