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Mavic Comete Ultimate II: First look

22 Jan 2020

Mavic has updated its unfathomably expensive Comete Ultimate carbon shoes and thankfully the second generation is substantially cheaper

For its all-new Mavic Comete Ultimate II shoes, the French brand has reacted, it says, according to the feedback it received about the original version.


How could we not start with the price? Yes, the original Comete Ultimate pushed the boundaries of carbon cycling shoes into never before seen territory. Yes, they were impressively stiff and light and yes, they looked extremely fancy. But they needed to be all that and some, costing an eye-watering £900.

Even if they were the proverbial Cinderella slippers of bike shoes, with performance to match, it was still hard for most to justify that outlay versus a top-end Shimano, Sidi, Fizik or Specialized race shoe costing only about one third as much.

To that end, the new 2nd generation now costs £630. That’s an appreciable 30% price drop, but still, an astronomically high price for a pair of shoes and still makes them nearly twice the price of the best shoes from most other leading brands.

Can a pair of shoes be that good? Mavic thinks so.


The modular design, unique to Mavic, is still key to the Comete Ultimate II, and what sets these shoes apart from the rest of the market.

The shoes are constructed as two separate components - a lightweight but extremely rigid carbon shell and a separate one-piece inner bootie.

Mavic claims making the shoe this way gives the Comete Ultimate II offers unequalled power transfer thanks to its stiffness combined with the lowest stack height of any shoe, at a minimal 4.5mm as this improves pedalling biomechanics too.


The inner boot is now made from a new, softer inner fabric for improved comfort, something the original model was criticised for, yet Mavic says this has been achieved without adding weight or reducing the performance of the shoe.

The Comete Ultimate II is, thankfully, now also available in half size increments, and we’re glad to see the back of the rather obscure idea Mavic had for the first generation where one outer shell covered two sizes, simply by swapping out the bootie and insole.

This at least means a really snug and precise fit should be achievable for all. The two micro-adjust dials offer plenty of scope for fine-tuning that fit on the fly too.

There’s a neat ‘smart release’ feature incorporated into the dial closure which also means the shoes are quicker and easier to take off.


Mavic claims a weight of 220g for a UK 8.5, which seems entirely believable given our test pair weighed in at 245g for a UK 9.5. That’s very light. Not the lightest, but definitely up there.

If all that tickles your fancy, then the Comete Ultimate II shoes should be available in stores from Feb 1st.


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