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Watch: Dream of roaming free with Wahoo's trip on the South Downs Way

Jack Elton-Walters
27 May 2020

You can't go on an adventure just yet but videos like this might help with planning those post-lockdown rides

As lockdown continues, even with a slight easing of restrictions or flouting of rules by members of the country's elite, cycling for many of us is restricted to local routes and shorter rides. Certainly no overnight stays or multi-day trips.

As such, we've all been dreaming of longer rides and adventures further from home. Filmed last year, Wahoo sent a group of riders on a trip across the South Downs Way: watching it now will either inspire you to start planning a post-lockdown ride of your own or add to the misery of not being able to do anything of the sort for at least a few more weeks.

Liam Yates, Sophie Edmonson, Anna Mcleod and Neil Phillips took on some of the 160km route, which runs from Winchester to Eastbourne. For as long as 8,000 years this trail has been in use as a trading and travelling route. It now carries protected National Trail status and is enjoyed by thousands of hikers and cyclists every year.

The opening voiceover on the video is supplied by Liam's dad, Sean, the former pro who spent years training in the area.

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Photos: George Marshall