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Cyclist Magazine Podcast: Episode 3 – The new Lance doc and how to ride self-sufficiently

Cyclist magazine
5 Jun 2020

We question whether the new Lance documentary is worth a watch and tell you how to fix your bike with a cable tie and crisp packet

Hello and welcome back for Episode 3 of the Cyclist Magazine Podcast, be sure to subscribe, comment, leave a review and recommend us to anyone who will listen.

Like a greasy chain mark imprinting itself on a fresh set of white cycling socks, Lance Armstrong feels like that stubborn stain that just won’t go away.

This time ‘Big Tex’ is back with the latest ESPN two-part 30 for 30 documentary that hit our screens over the last week. It all starts with Armstrong promising to tell his ‘truth’ but the question is, did cycling’s most accomplished liar tell us anything new or did we just turf up old ground?

Well, Joe and James took some time out from their weekends to give it a watch and answer that question while also figuring out whether the documentary was even worth watching and finding out who Chad Mountain actually is.

Right now, riding your bike is becoming lonelier than a Thomas de Gendt breakaway, so we also spend some time discussing tips on how to become more self-sufficient when riding big distances this summer.

Turns out all you need is Mars bar duo, a set of cable ties, a £2 coin and your wits for company. Ok, and a chaintool.

We also explore a new segment in which we both talk about some cycling kit that’s really impressing us at the moment and some stuff that really grinds our gears, too.

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