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Cyclist Magazine Podcast Episode 12 – The new Canyon Aeroad and why aero isn't dead

Cyclist magazine
8 Oct 2020

James and Joe get the full lowdown on the new Canyon Aeroad, the German brand's fastest ever road bike

A few weeks ago, Specialized declared the aero bike dead. This week, Canyon revived the aero bike. The new Canyon Aeroad CFR is an out-and-out sprint machine which the German brand claims is its fastest ever road bike.

Six years on from the first Aeroad, the German brand has made plenty of changes to this latest bike, not least saving 4.4 whole watts, but also inventing nifty handlebar solutions, comfy seatposts and much, much more.

In episode 12 of the Cyclist Magazine Podcastm, James and Joe speak with the lead engineer on the project, Lukas Schuchnigg, about these big changes, the future of aero bike, which brands he thinks are doing good things in the bike world and which UCI laws need to be scrapped.

If you want those nitty and gritty Aeroad details, check out our report here.

If you prefer your information in video form, then check that out here.

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