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Cyclist Magazine Podcast Episode 37 – Adam Blythe on choosing family over cycling, the Aqua Blue saga and Oleg Tinkov

Cyclist magazine
19 Aug 2021

An honest conversation with Blythe on retirement, family, Aqua Blue and his new life in commentary

'Bike riding is just bike riding but I couldn't always be there for my family when I need to be.'

On this week's episode of the Cyclist Magazine Podcast, James and Joe share a candid, honest conversation with Adam Blythe about why he retired from pro bike racing aged 30 for the sake of his family, the demise of Aqua Blue Sport, how racing 1x cost him race results, going for dinner with Oleg Tinkov and much more.

Apologies for Joe's sound quality that corrupted while downloading... we're as annoyed as you are, trust us.

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