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Interval training: how to improve your fitness with Wattbike

How to structure your indoor training sessions to beat boredom and stay motivated

6 Sep 2020

When it comes to training, it’s easy to start strong and with good resolutions. But what happens when your unstoppable wave of motivation meets the immovable object that is the human capacity for boredom?  

Boredom is the most commonly cited reason for the avoidance of indoor training. If you want to hit your goals and stay motivated the solution is to keep your sessions varied, structured and, most importantly, intense, says Wattbike training consultant Dr David Nichols.

Giving it full gas

‘Videos or music can help make indoor workouts more interesting, but aiming for maximal gains in a minimal timeframe is the surefire way to reduce boredom,’ says Nichols.

‘As such, typical sessions involve multiple hard or supramaximal efforts interspersed with short recovery breaks.

‘Sharp and a bit painful, there’s little possibility of your attention wandering during these intense sessions. And as the recovery times decrease and you find yourself struggling to keep up, you’ll be amazed at how quickly time seems to race by. 

‘Variability is the key. Altering the duration of both the “on” and “off” intervals requires concentration on every effort, so you don’t have time to clock-watch.

‘There’s also the option of third-party apps, such as Zwift, and research suggests this might improve your session quality. Group riding or racing over the virtual platform typically results in improved physiological responses to training.’ 

How to do the session

Warm-up for around 15 minutes with a progressive increase in intensity to just below FTP, followed by a couple of 10 second maximal sprints, with only very short (30 second) recovery in between.

Now complete the following:

30sec maximal sprint with 30sec recovery
1min @ 140% FTP with 1min recovery
2mins @ 120% FTP with 1min recovery
2mins @ 120% FTP with 1min recovery
3mins @ 110% FTP with 2mins recovery
1min @ 140% FTP with 30sec recovery
30sec maximal sprint
Cool down for at least 10mins.

To find out how to determine your FTP, go to

To do this workout and many more, download the Wattbike Hub app, available free in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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