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Kask Moebius Elite helmet review

22 Jun 2021

Supremely comfy and stylish commuter helmet

Cyclist Rating: 
Sumptuous interior • Inoffensive style • Versatile • Classy finish • Exceptional venting • Good safety credentials
Almost twice the weight of a performance road helmet • Slightly fiddly chinstrap clasp

The Kask Moebius Elite helmet is the posh baked beans on toast of cycling kit: a simple, business-like proposition executed with more than a dash of class.

Yes, sliced white bread, margarine and supermarket own brand beans are all well and good, but the whole plate is elevated if you use homemade bread, farm shop butter and beans you’ve soaked overnight and added your own sauce to.

To abandon the analogy and put things even more simply, this commuting helmet is classy, functional, comfortable and carries some serious safety credentials… perfect headwear for those of us who don’t want to wear a big bucks road road helmet on the city commute.


Fit first

The Kask Moebius Elite is only available in two sizes, but they cover a wide variety of head circumferences. The size M helmet I’ve been using for my blasts around town (a perfect match for the Belstaff Commuter jacket I’ve also been testing) is designed to fit head sizes from 52-58cm.

I have a 57cm head, but I’ve not once felt like I was approaching the limits of its fit, which is easily adjusted by the ubiquitous dial at the rear. And the fit is plush, with typically Kask-like detailing that really does elevate it above the majority of commuting lids on the market.


Material difference

Let’s deal with the interior first. The lining throughout the Kask Moebius Elite is supplied by removable and washable merino wool pads, which are not only particularly plush but are also super-effective at absorbing sweat on hotter days.

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The thermoplastic shell features a glossy, scratch-resistant finish and its single colour options (white or black) make for a classy look.

Synthetic leather straps, a la Kask helmets since forever, are hypoallergenic and comfortable in use, although I did experience a little difficulty getting the male and female ends of the straps to engage withouth the use of a mirror.


Stylish and cool

Crucially, where many pudding bowl urban helmets seem created with little consideration for style, the Kask Moebius Elite has sleek lines and a compact shell which lend it some design kudos.

To the uninitiated, it looks as much like a performance aero road helmet as it does a city commuting lid. Beyond looking rather cool, my head has also been adequately supplied with fresh air thanks to a single sizeable brow vent which gulps air in, to be channelled through the interior and exhausted through two equally massive gill-like slits at the rear.


Safety first

A helmet designed for the urban jungle better be equipped to deal with the potential dangers of such an environment. Thankfully, the Kask Moebius Elite has passed the stern WG11 European testing standard which determines how well a helmet protects the human head against rotational forces.

I’ve not had the misfortune to collide with anything solid whilst wearing it, but it’s heartening to know your head is adequately protected.

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Backing up the safety provision, there’s a simple reflective strip at the rear and an easily detchable peak (three plastic pop rivets) to shield your eyes from the glare of low sun or needless full beams of traffic.

Mix all of these features in with the undoubted quality of this simple, yet devilishly effective urban helmet, and you’ve all the ingredients for a comfortable, classy way to protect your head.

Yes, the chinstrap clasp is a bit fiddly, and yes, 420g is heavy for a helmet. But we’re not talking about marginal gains when we’re riding in a bus lane are we?


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