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Kask Protone review

Kask Protone helmet
6 May 2015

The Protone has become the standard helmet of choice for Team Sky and now it's ours too.

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We first got a glimpse of the Kask Protone pearched atop the heads of Team Sky at the Tour de France last year. The latest helmet from Kask has been designed in combination with the Team Sky boffins to be aerodynamic, but without compromising too much on comfort and ventilation so it effectively sits between the Vertigo and the Infinity.

Kask Protone

It’s near impossible for us to test its aero credentials but it’s probably the most comfortable helmet we’ve worn. The trend of late is for less and less padding inside helmets, with many manufacturers opting for a suspension system, but the dual density foam at the top is a delight. There’s also quite a bit of padding at the front that stops sweat from dripping down into your eyes. Despite all the foam, and the aero claims, the helmet still diverts a lot of air past your head so it keeps you nice and cool.

The retention system is precise and easy use, holding the head without much pressure. It can be adjusted for height too. The chinstrap is excellent, and very comfortable because of the leather construction. That said the leather does make the chinstrap slightly more difficult to adjust, although it’s not something you do often. The weight is quite respectable too for an aero helmet at 234g for the medium.

Kask Protone review

The only disappointment we could think of is that Kask only offer the helmet in two sizes (medium and large) so if you’re at the extreme end of the scale you may find yourself disappointed. The shape isn’t too extreme although, as with all helmets, it’s always best to try before you buy. Overall we think it’s one of the most comfortable helmets we’ve used to date and, aero or not, would happily wear it every day.



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