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Mavic wheels 2021: Mavic launches new era with refined range

4 Dec 2020

The latest wheels from Mavic, in carbon and aluminium

The new Mavic wheel range is the French manufacturer’s first since going into receivership in May and is the first step to revitalise the brand.

Born again as Mavic Group after being acquired by investment group Bourrelier, the company is aiming to reinforce its identity by simplifying the range and keeping production in France.

Along with a new jargon-free naming system for its wheels, the 2021 range has been reduced to 21 products down from 41 and includes key updates that Mavic claims make maintenance easier and increase durability.


New technology

The first step in that regard is extending the FORE drilling system onto the carbon wheelsets. This involves the spoke going directly into a metallic insert in the rim meaning rim tape isn’t necessary and spokes can be replaced more easily. Mavic claims this is the most user-friendly system for tubeless setups and is four times more stress resistant.

Above the entry-level models, the alloy rims have Inter Spoke Milling (ISM) which Mavic says pushes the limits of the aluminium between the spokes to reduce weight while maintaining the same level of durability. According to Mavic, ISM reduces rim weight by 17%.


Mavic has also introduced its new generation hub with the Infinity, which has contactless spoke lacing and the same spoke length on front and rear disc brake wheels. These changes, Mavic says, mean there’s no spoke noise under load and maintenance is simpler.

Alongside the Infinity hub is the Instant Drive 360 (ID360) double ratchet freewheel system with an oversize axle, removable sound damper and full compatibility with Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo. While Mavic says the ID360 increases axle stiffness by 35%, it is also part of the focus on durability and easy home maintenance with a tool-free system.

This year’s range is the first time all Mavic wheels will be compatible with tubeless compliant tyres with a slightly redesigned rim contour to accommodate easier mounting. However because of this, Mavic’s wheels and tyres will have to be bought separately.

Finally, Mavic claims to have saved four watts at 40kmh on the high-end wheels by reducing the elliptical shape of the spokes, which, according to its wind-tunnel testing, reduces drag and increases lateral stability.


Models and pricing

In reducing and simplifying the range, Mavic is also restyling its naming system. While all track and gravel wheels – as well as the Aksium and Comete Road – keep their previous names, road wheels are now called Cosmic or Ksyrium to correspond to being carbon or alloy.

The performance level and rim depth are also added to the name with the range spanning from S at entry-level, through SL and SLR to Ultimate at the very high end.

All Ksyrium and Cosmic models have the Infinity hub with ID360 and the Cosmic SLR, Allroad S and Allroad SL as well as all Ksyrium have FORE drilling.

The Ksyrium alloy sets start at £360 for the Ksyrium S, with Mavic claiming the rim brake version weighs in at 1,570g and the disc at 1,670g, with those figures dropping to 1,480g and 1,575g for the SL.

There is more to choose from with the Cosmic SL and SLR models which each have four wheelsets varying in rim depth: 32 Disc, 40 Rim, 45 Disc and 65 Disc, with weight apparently dropping to 1,370g on the SLR 40 Rim.

The Cosmic SLR 65 Disc and 32 Disc are also debuting a new finish which Mavic describes as ‘unidirectional diamonds’.

However the favourite child, as it were, is the Cosmic Ultimate T Disc.

Coming in at £2,730, Mavic claims it is ‘the ultimate ratio of light weight, stiffness and aero’. It’s full carbon which allows it to be built all in one – quite the opposite to the emphasis on easy maintenance – and Mavic says it weighs just 1,225g.

The company has done its fair share of wind tunnel testing and has a 40mm rim profile, elliptical spokes and is being engineered and built entirely in Annecy.

The final touch to the new range is the launch of the free Mavic Care programme early next year which gives customers a lifetime warranty on carbon wheels and three-years for all other Mavic products.

For more on the 2021 Mavic wheel range, visit Mavic's website here

Mavic 2021 wheels prices

Wheels Weight Price
Comete Road 1100g £1,949
Cosmic Ultimate T Disc 1225g £2,730
Cosmic Ultimate T 1220g £2,730
Cosmic SLR 65 Disc 1650g £1,650
Cosmic SLR 45 Disc 1470g £1,650
Cosmic SLR 40 1370g £1,650
Cosmic SLR 32 Disc 1499g £1,650
Cosmic SL 65 Disc 1760g £1,050
Cosmic SL 45 Disc 1585g £1,050
Cosmic SL 40 1599g £1,050
Cosmic SL 32 Disc 1499g £1,050
Ksyrium Pro 1410g £860
Ksyrium SL Disc 1550g £590
Ksyrium SL 1450g £590
Ksyrium S Disc 1610g £360
Ksyrium S 1680g £360
Allroad Pro Carbon SL Road+ 1550g £1,730
Allroad Pro Carbon SL 700 1445g £1,800
Allroad SL Road+ 1550g £590
Allroad SL 700 1580g £590
Allroad S 700 1790g £409

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